I’m still here!

There are times here on this blog where things might seem a little quiet. ..


It’s not because I don’t love this blog, or I’m pounding down chocolate covered anything…It’s honestly and truly because I love this blog too much.

I’m always going to be a wife & mom, first and foremost. Sometimes that means that I don’t have all the time in the world to blast your social media accounts with all my up to date news/pics/etc. Sometimes it is summer, and our family is here, there, and everywhere.

And sometimes I really value this place and you guys too much, I want to post the BEST. If I can’t give you the best, I don’t want to post it.


I know that means you won’t always hear from me everyday, or even every week…I’m sorry.

But know that I’m still here,  living a healthy life, and I’ll post soon. Sometimes life happens, and what’s most important comes first…

I hope you still love me?


Soon enough you will have an awesome post, I promise!

If not, I swear I’ll send you some chocolate.

Pinky Promise!

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls

Messy Hands

We’ve all heard about those kind of kids… The ones whose pictures float across the internet of them covered in diaper cream while standing in a gallon of spilled milk. Or THAT kid who flush wallets, watches, and other valuables down the toilet…Or worse yet, swallows them. Or how about that kids who screams like […]

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Our First Family Getaway


I guess you could call us ‘moochers’, since we’ve always relied on grandparents to go on family getaways and vacations, but for the first time we ventured out just us four. I wish we would have done this sooner, but with student life and school loans, we haven’t had the opportunity to do so. Luckily, […]

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Blackened Halibut


I have this intense love hate relationship with fish. The thought of eating it makes me sick, the smell of it makes me want to (ya know), and the look of it…BAHLSDFKJALDFHKLJDF!!! But then I went to this sea food restaurant in Newport Beach and had the best tasting halibut of my life, and I’ve […]

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Kids Macaroni & Cheese


Since the beginning, I’ve always been a ‘food based blog’. I started out as cupcakes, next was just desserts, and then I went healthy. All.Over.The.Place. Right? I love blogging about food and healthy meal ideas, but recently I’ve been thinking of ideas of how I want to do more than just blog about food. Obviously food […]

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