The Diva Dish…Cookbook?

So I’m in the works of putting together a Cook Book…


I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and each time I’ve thought about it, I’ve scribbled a few random notes on paper of “cool ideas” for a cookbook I could put together. I’ve written on a handful of notebooks and papers, and I don’t know where any of them are…And half of them now have pink scribbles and princess stickers all over them. That about sums of my dreams.

I will add that I’m not in the works with a huge publishing company, but I’m working towards making an E-Book. (Something you could download on-line.) It’s going to be a 3, maybe 4, series book, Breakfast, Lunch (Snacks), Dinner, & Desserts. All geared towards busy families that have a desire to eat healthy. There will be a common goal with each book, but I’ll share that detail a little later :).


(Can I add, I feel like blogging about it makes it officially…official. Kind of scary.)

A few weeks back, I partnered up with AT&T to test out their Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet and it’s been helping me a lot gather my recipes and ideas for this new book. At first I was kind of prejudice because I’ve only ever used Apple products (GASP!), but once I started to play around with it I fell in love. It’m pretty sure this Tablet was created with bloggers in mind. Seriously.

It has Microsoft Word, where I’ve been able to keep track of everything blogging. I can also choose a format on there that is made for BLOG posts! Crazy right? In addition, they sent me a Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus where I can look at my recipes on the counter propped up, add notes as I’m recipe testing, write things down, and continue to cook.

It’s made this cookbook process a ton easier! I can’t tell you how many notebooks I have throughout my house with scribbled recipes on them! I also again can’t tell you where they are. It’s going to be nice to have everything in one place!


I promise you that things with this cookbook (e-book) will start picking up more, and hopefully you will be able to purchase it in the coming months! I’m going to be pouring my heart and soul into this project, and have each and every one of you and your sweet families in mind!

I’d love to hear feedback as to what you really want to see in this cook book series. My goal is to not just make it an ordinary cookbook, because there are SO MANY COOKBOOKS out there. I want this to stand out and make a difference in you and your families lives! No pressure…



See that beautiful food picture? You mean, a piece of technology without 457 pictures of my one year olds forehead? Yes…I love it.



Again, thank you to everyone for all of your love and support here on The Diva Dish! I’m amazed at how many wonderful people there are out there who are willing to support a silly girl like my self! I would LOVE your feedback for these new Cook Books coming out in the near future! After all…they are for you :).


*Thank you again to AT&T for sending me their Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet to review, along with the Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus. All of the opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this post. The tablet is a great tool for bloggers out there! And you love to cook and follow recipes in your kitchen, the Belkin stand definitely makes things a lot easier!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE your recipes… would buy a cookbook in a heartbeat! Seriously, go for it!

  2. Wow!!! Great job! Hope to read soon your cookbook!! Your photos are great, don’t mention the recipes, are super!
    Let us know when it will be done!
    Love, Gap

  3. Lindsay (living Lindsay) says:

    That’s awesome news, Ari! I’ve always loved your blog and your recipes! It’s been neat to see how much your blog has grown over the last few years and you certainly deserve all of the attention it receives. For the cookbook…I would love to see recipes for quick meals, as well as kid friendly recipes. Maybe some crockpot recipes, too ? Oh…and anything with peanut butter. 🙂

    • Lindsay! HI! You are so sweet, thank you! I appreciate all of your constant support!
      Did you stop blogging?! I looked for your blog a while back and it was gone!

      • Lindsay says:

        I did stop…I miss it at times and think about going back, but I now have a 3 month old and am homeschooling Carter (now 6) so time is always an issue, as you understand 🙂

        • Oh my goodness, congrats on the new baby! You are definitely a busy mama! You are doing the best job out there, staying at home and loving on your babies! Stay in touch, and give your little ones a squeeze for me!

  4. Melissa says:

    I just want to tell you how proud I am of you. I know you do not know me so I shall introduce myself. I am a wife and a mommy to a now 26 month old little boy (yeah I still count in months ;0) and a social worker who teaches for New Mexico State University. I began reading your blog around a year ago. Your blog was a blessing for me and very inlighting. I was breastfeeding our son (still am enjoying this journey) and absoultey had no time to be in the kitchen. My son nursed very very frequently and sometimes still does. YOU helped me find my way back into doing what I used to love so much, nurturing through cooking and baking. I have made several of your recipes and get so excited to read your new entries. I love and admire what you do, mostly because you are so real and genuine and funny. I think that if you somehow could bottle up your blog into a cookbook, well there you go, that is as original and unique as it would get. I love that every recipe comes with your unique style of writing and telling a story behind it. I love that your precious and so full of life and personality daughters are apart of it. It is special to be able to see there sweet faces within your story. To me that is what makes it so unique, because it is you and your families journey in life. I am so looking forward to purchasing your cookbook. You put forth great effort in each post. Thank you for doing what you do and enriching the lives of us out there.
    Melissa Coats

    • Melissa…
      There are tears ROLLING down my face! This is by far the most considerate and sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me! My heart is going to explode with all the love that I feel right now! Thank you thank you thank you!! I am so grateful that you introduced your self, and I am so happy to hear that you have found love again in the kitchen! I can tell what an amazing and hard working mother that you are, and I think it is awesome that you have breastfed for so long! You must share your secret, I could barley keep my girls going for a few months!
      Thank you again for all of your outpouring love and support with this blog of mine. I am going to read this comment every day when I’m feeling down :)!
      Much love to you and your sweet family Melissa!

  5. This is so exciting!! 🙂

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