Lover’s Salad with Easy Balsamic Dressing

I’ve always been that kind of girl…

The one who always orders a salad when going out to eat. It’s like my husbands favorite quality about me…


I also always order water, change and switch 50% of the salad toppings, and usually end up sending it back because the order is All Wrong! And just when I can’t be annoying enough, I slowly start sneaking bites off of other people’s meals because my lettuce and water weren’t satisfying enough.


I can only think of like 1 or two places that have amazing salads, and it’s all because of their toppings. I’m a 75% toppings and 25% lettuce kind of gal. Add a bomb dot com dressing and I basically could eat salad every single meal. No need to build a plate of everyones leftovers.

It just causes lots of weird looks, and less invitations to go out to eat.

Lover’s Salad with Easy Balsamic Dressing

*I call this Lover’s Salad because I’ve topped it with every RED topping imaginable. It really is super versatile, and you could change it up on a whim. It’s not a fancy salad that takes a lot of work, more of something that you could make quickly and enjoy that night! Don’t forget the bomb dot com salad dressing to go alongside! 


Green & Red Romain Leaves

Red Apples

Red Grapes

Dried Red Cranberries


Cherry Tomatoes

Parmesan Cheese Shavings

Candied walnuts/pecans

Chicken cooked with Cranberry BBQ Sauce (optional-not pictured)

Easy Balsamic Dressing


2 TB. Greek Yogurt-optional

1/4 c. good quality balsamic vinegar

1/4 c. olive oil

1/8 c. honey

1 tsp. dijon mustard



 1. Whisk all ingredients together until combined.

Oh, one more thing.

Don’t forget your hot red lipstick to go with your Lover’s Salad…


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  1. Emily says:

    I agree it’s all about the toppings! That looks delicious!

  2. Erin says:

    Love your recipes but I’m bummed to see that they are no longer geared towards vegan eating!

    • Arielle says:

      I understand Erin, and I’m sorry. I was never fully vegan, but I do eat a lot of vegan meals and still share them here on the blog. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, and add more vegan meals! :)

  3. jaclyn says:

    mm what a delish salad!! im with ya! salads are all about the toppings! who needs the lettuce!! love the pic of BOo :) how adorable

  4. Bethanie says:

    Yum!! Love love SUPER-LOVE your blog! I just found it the other day, via somewhere…Pinterest maybe? All your recipes look wonderful and I can’t wait to try them! I really appreciate the wonderful, quality photos of your food and the process of making it also. Thanks for making healthy food look delicious!

  5. Danielle says:

    I just happened to stumble on to your blog through pinterest… and have been stalking all of your old posts ever since :) Just wanted to say “hi”, your food looks delicious (can’t wait to try your recipes!) and your family is beautiful!

  6. This lipstick picture is too cute!! I have to try this salad- it looks delicious but love how healthy it is with all the red fruits and veggies. And finished off with the balsamic dressing must be fabulous!

  7. Tina says:

    This salad looks so mmmmmm – mmmm – good! Love the photos :)

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