Boxtera-Healthy Snacks Giveaway!

While some parts of the country are inside watching snowflakes land on their window seals, here in Las Vegas we’re outside enjoying the sunshine…Sighhhh.



Despite living in a desert, there really are beautiful parts of the area including the stunning Red Rock mountains. Usually once a month we go on a family hike, and it’s been a fun family tradition to start. I’ve always been an advocate of doing a fun physical activity together as a family, and hiking is on the top list of ours! (Which is funny because I’m not a huge fan of out doors-y activities, or anything really where dirt is involved…)

(Note: I love this pic of m Husband carrying my camera bag and water bottle…)


Happy Hiker…


Usually 5 minutes into the hike, my three year old is starting to show signs of Dehydration and asking when we can stop and have a snack. Also by this point, i’m starting to feel that 45 pound backpack resting on my shoulders. So we find a nice shaded spot to rest, and fill our bellies up.


Usually i’ll pack snacks that are simple like crackers, bars, pretzels, dried fruits, granola, etc., but this time we had some extra special snacks with us! We got a sweet package from Boxtera, which is a monthly  healthy snack delivery service.




The girls enjoyed the dried mangos and bananas (which I swear taste exactly like banana bread), while my husband and I gobbled up this spicy mix of dehydrated nuts & beans. We also had these BBQ dried banana chips, but my husband doesn’t know about those. They are hiding in my purse because well…he’s a snack hog and they are all mine. mine. mine.



And since Boxtera is so awesome, they want to share some healthy snacks with YOU guys too! So nice right? These snacks have:

  • No trans fats
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial colors 

And I’ll add one more:

  • Toddler approved
  • Wife approved
  • Husband approved (when he’s allowed to taste that is)

Here is how to enter! (US residents only!)



Good Luck Friends!

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  1. I love that you keep your little family active and healthy. Getting the whole family involved and not having it be something competitive is so great, i’m sure it’s something they’re going to come to enjoy rather than dread… I think that’s awesome! 🙂 Your girls are just too precious! The pic of your littlest one crying on your back is cracking me up.

  2. Family hikes are so fun! We haven’t really taken hunter on many where he does his own walking, especially since it’s so rainy here, but I can’t wait for this summer when we take him out to explore on family hikes!

  3. Oh also, good call on hiding snacks from the hubby. I do the same since he devours things in no time then I get none!

  4. I’m so glad I came across your site! I haven’t heard of Boxtera… I was just about to place my 1st order for NatureBox… now I’m excited to sample both and choose which one is best for my little family! =)

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