60 Second Chocolate Chip Muffin

Let’s talk about Energy…

Have you seen mine?

Pretty sure it ran off to an exclusive resort in Tahiti somewhere, and is gettin’ rubbed with suntan oil by the one and only Christian Bale…

Holy Batman! Dang you Energy…

I’m sure it probably hates me and never wants to come back after that Minnie Mouse party…Especially after little miss received a bicycle and has decided it’s much more fun to ride when mom pushes instead of peddling.

Dear Energy, i’m so sorry but I need you back. I can’t go to bed at 8:30 anymore, don’t you see that Bachelor Pad is on till at least 10?!

Mind you I still have a toddler, messy house, new baby to prepare for, and I’m as big as a walrus?!

And this walrus is hungry!

No more PB&J’s, smoothies, and cereal. Me want real food!

Let’s not forget it’s been too long since I wore makeup…And I’m pretty sure I wear the same sweat pants every other (each?) day…My husband is starting to worry.

Listen my little Energy, I promise I’ll give you something to come back for. Granted it may not be dressed in a muscular leather suit, but I promise it includes chocolate!

And it won’t require much work from you at all. Just 60 seconds and it’s done, ready to enjoy!

At least tell me you will think about it?

60 Second Chocolate Chip Muffin


1 tsp. melted and cooled coconut oil

2 TB mashed ripe banana (Or applesauce)

1 TB beaten egg

1/2 tsp vanilla

2 1/2 TB. whole wheat pastry flour

1/4 tsp. baking soda

dash of salt

2-3 TB. chocolate chips (Or sub blueberries for a breakfast muffin!)


1. In a small/medium ramekin add oil. Then add in banana, egg, and vanilla and stir together until combined. Next add in the dry ingredients:

2. Mix together until combined, then stir in chocolate chips:

3. Microwave for 60 seconds.

4. Top with banana ice cream (frozen banana blended), peanut butter, milk, more choclolate chips, etc.

(Variations: Sub protein powder for flour. Add 1 TB of oats, instead of 1 TB of flour. Mix in different spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Throw in fruit for a fruit muffin. Add a little orange juice and zest for a tropical muffin. Top with nuts, coconut, chia seeds, etc…)

How simple was that?

That could be breakfast, afternoon snack, before bedtime pick me up!

I promise it’s all yours as long as you allow me to watch at least one episode of trash TV a night…


Oh…And would you mind letting your friend Batman know that my shoulders seem a little tense?

Thanks Energy! You’re a real pal!

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  1. Mikaela says:

    That looks absolutely delicious! I will definitely be trying this! 🙂 Also, I am a fan of Bachelor Pad too, what can I say, we all need our dose of “trash TV” 😉

  2. VERY simple! YUM!

    Hope you are doing good love! I have to say, the birthday party was AMAZING! I love every detail and how much love, sweat, and tears you put into it! You are amazing!

  3. Get outta my head – i was craving something like this last night! 🙂

    I’ll be trying this with protein powder subbed in very, very soon. Probably tonight. You rock.

  4. Wow! never knew how simple a choco chip muffin could be?? Gotta try this tomorror for breakfast,….. MMMM


  5. Can you adapt to gluten free? Looks delic!

    • You most definitely could! I think just using simple All purpose GF flour would work great! The batter shouldn’t be dry at all, but thick, so if it seems to try, maybe add a tsp of non dairy milk. Otherwise it should work out just fine! 🙂

  6. This is perfect. So simple and quick…just made it for my afternoon snack. Subbed coconut butter for the oil and flax for the egg and it worked perfectly. Already thinking of the many variations I can make with this!

  7. This looks fantastic. Gotta love a piping hot 60 second baked good!

  8. This looks delicious! I have tried microwave cakes before and they are always SO dry. I will givethis one a shot, it definitely does not look dry.

    I hope you get your energy back! You have a lot going on, no wonder you are exhausted.

    • I totally agree! And if you microwave them for less time they are too gooey!
      And I hope my energy comes back too, at least in time for the new baby 🙂

  9. Ohhh my gosh, this looks amazing!!

  10. katie 80 says:

    I love the ease. And all the variations! Thank you!

  11. I substituted pumpkin butter for the banana to make a pumpkin muffin and it was delicious!

  12. When this came out of the microwave,I thought I would take a few bites and save the rest for breakfast.
    Ha! I put a dollop of peanut butter on top of the warm muffin with warm, melting chocolate chips and I could not stop eating it! I finished it to the last crumb in one sitting. A perfect combination of comfort foods. Carrie

  13. This sounds delicious! I am so excited to try it 🙂

  14. My super-skeptical- and-suspicious- of-all -foods toddler actually ate this today!! Thank you! I will be religiously checking out your site nw for creative ways to get the good stuff in now!

  15. YUM! I used regular whole wheat flour and had to microwave it an extra 25 seconds, but it is awesome!! Usually when I make banana choc chip muffins, I eat 4-5 when they come out of the oven, totally sabotaging any healthy diet I’m attempting. Now I won’t have that problem! THANKS!!

  16. What a fantastic and delicious idea!!

  17. I loved this! The way your articulated it was so cute!
    It really drew me in!
    Love it! ~Amy

  18. Now this is what I love… quick, easy, no mess, no fuss recipes that will keep you energized and healthy. Of course I will use the “healthier” version with the protein powder and oats, and of course throw in some blueberries…

  19. oh my gosh, this looks amazing! I can’t wait to try these after my competition!

  20. I just tried making and it was epic fail. I used apple sauce, almond meal, and egg white. It didn’t solidify after 60 secs. I tried another min and still no good. Wonder what went wrong? I used egg white because I don’t know what to do with the left over egg.

    • I’m thinking it could be a combination of the almond meal and egg white. Almond meal alot heavier than regular flour which makes it harder to rise and solidify. You want the consistency of muffin batter, and maybe adding more of a rising agent would make it rise and cook better. SO sorry it didn’t turn out!

      • I will try again with gluten free protein powder. I also added blueberries instead of chocolate chips. I ended up with a bowl of green mush. I ate it anyways lol.

  21. This looks so tasty! And since it’s a microwave recipe it would be perfect for cooking in my cramped dorm room! I can’t wait to try this out!

  22. Good, I lke it

  23. Amazing recipe! Sounds so easy and yummy. Can’t wait to try it!

  24. I love this 🙂 just found it and thought I’d give it a go!

    I’m going to start my first year of Uni this week and am defiantly bringing this with me!

  25. Yum – so good! Being me, I replaced the banana and egg with out of the bottle orange juice, and added probably 1/2 a TBS of brown sugar – pure bliss!

  26. I just tried this recipe and it was absolutely delicious! I am an ardent user of myfitnesspal and just added these muffins to the user updated recipe database!

  27. yeah!!!

  28. I made this and it was good, but the top seemed overdone and the middle seemed gooey before I tasted it. I ended up doing 30 more seconds and it was fine.

    • Oh glad you were able to make it work! I’m assuming microwaves all cook somewhat different, and that may have been why! Glad it worked out, thanks for sharing Ruby!

  29. it was awesome!

  30. it was awesome!!!!!

  31. I used white whole wheat flour, and added on 10 seconds. It was delicious, and just the right size for breakfast. Great recipe!

  32. Doubled it and cooked it for 2.5 min. Also used white flour and reg oil b/c it was all i had. Son loved it 🙂

  33. Looks delicious, I love microwave muffins! Definitely trying this!

  34. Would this work w/ gluten free flour?

  35. wow this looks gorgeous! I will definitely try this one. I also have some minute mug cakes, you can see it here http://www.lemonandsprinkles.blogspot.com 🙂

  36. Mine didn’t turn out very well:(

  37. I made this (using applesauce instead of bananas) and it tastes delicious. Eat was so simple that anyone could make it 10/10 will try again.


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