Black Berry Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Yesterday was the first day that I was actually able to ‘cook’ a meal in a kitchen.

It was also the first day I went grocery shopping in 3 weeks.

And finally it was also the start of the new season for The Bachelor.

Yesterday was like Christmas all over again.

We are still staying with family and haven’t moved to our new state/house just yet, but I begged my mom to let me go grocery shopping for her and make dinner because I was starting to go bananas. Is it normal that I want to grocery shop and make dinner, probably not? But I’ve also been switching between 2 different sweat pants in 3 weeks, and I’m beginning to look homeless so at this point I’ve lost any sense of what’s normal.

Another repeat outfit:

I’m pretty sure every picture I’ve posted on Instagram in the last few weeks has shown Boo in the EXACT.Same.Dress.

This time it’s not a lack of clothes, but more of a “I’m going to wear my Princess dress every day I don’t care what you say, and if you Β won’t let me I’m going to make you regret it by throwing a huge tantrum…”

At this point, our family is just down right aDORable…

But even if we wear the same clothes and people are starting to feel sorry for us, it doesn’t mean the food we eat has to resemble our appearances in any way. In fact we prefer our food ‘pretty’.

It means we haven’t given up completely.


(Inspired from Pink Pistachio)


1-2 bruschetta baguette*

2-3 TB. melted coconut oil

1/2 orange (rind included)

1 c. fresh blackberries

2 TB. honey

1 8 oz brick goat cheese

2 ripe pears

Balsamic Vinegar

*I bought my loaf from Trader Joes, it was long and skinny. It made about 25 pieces of bruschetta. You could easily buy two loaves and still have enough cheese mixture for the second loaf. If you want to only use one loaf, you can either cut the recipe in half for the cheese spread or use a larger amount on top. If at all, you will have left overs for toast, bagels, sandwiches, oatmeals, etc.! πŸ™‚


1. Cut the loaf into thin slices, and set aside.

2. In a food processor add the orange, including the rind, and process until there aren’t any large chunks left. Add in the goat cheese, blackberries, and honey and pulse a few times until everything is combined. Do not over process. Add cheese mixture to a bowl and set in the fridge until ready to use.

3. Melt your coconut oil, then spread a thin layer on the front and back of each slice of bread. Toast bread in a grill pan, or regular pan, until both sides are golden and somewhat crispy. Let the bread cool.

4. While the bread is cooling, slice the pears into thin slices. Grab the cheese mixture out of the fridge and spread a nice helping on top of the bread slice. Add a few slices of pears, then drizzle with balsamic. (A really good thick balsamic works best!) Serve immediately.


I’m looking forward to that day when I can open up that box that holds all my other clothes in it.

Let’s hope it didn’t get lost in the transition because that would mean more sweat pants…

Actually that would mean I would have to buy new clothes, so on second thought…Screw that old box of clothes. I hope I never see it again.

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  1. I have to warn you, Meghan is the same way with her princess dresses and she’s 4. πŸ™‚ This recipe looks really fabulous. I think this would be a great healthy super bowl appetizer.

  2. Ohh, I love that idea of a SuperBowl app! A girly, pink one at that!

  3. MMM this looks delicious and sooo pretty πŸ™‚

  4. This looks so delicious and I love the colors!! I absolutely love goat cheese – I wish it wasn’t so expensive but its always worth it. πŸ™‚ To be honest I usually only get it when I go home and raid my mom’s amazing fridge haha

  5. What an amazing colour! I love goat cheese and love bruschetta ideas so this sounds heavenly…! I also think these are some of your best pictures!

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