Tomato Basil Quinoa Salad

I have this problem with saying no to buying things when they are on sale.

Whether it’s a good sale or bad, I will somehow find a way to convince myself that it’s worth buying because I’m saving money. (Although I’m not taking into consideration that I probably wouldn’t buy that item normally…)

That’s right. You can bet that I still have yet to find a place for that life sized green butterfly wall decor that I bought on the sale rack at Pier 1, or the ugly lamps that my neighbor was selling for a STEAL, and don’t forget to mention a grey chair sitting in our living room with an unquestionable wet stain right on it…

But the worst part of my problems happens when I buy food that’s on sale. Like when I saw a sign off the side of the road for a  huge box of tomatoes, let’s say maybe 30 to count the size of baseballs, for 6 dollars.

Let me remind you our household is only 2 1/2…and one of those persons passionately hates tomatoes. (Hubbers.)

So by the time those tomatoes are gone I’m either going to have one heck of a stomach ache, or turn red and round like a tomato…I’m hoping for the latter.

Unless of coarse you want to come over and pick up some tomatoes? I’ll do a free trade, maybe for a huge pillow? One that would most likely cover that stain…yuck.

But if whole tomatoes aren’t your thing, maybe dicing them up and throwing them in a salad is. And if that’s the case, consider your self lucky!

Tomato Basil Quinoa Salad


2 c. prepared quinoa

1 can navy beans, drained and rinsed

3 1/2 c. – 4c. diced tomatoes

2 c. spinach

1 c. packed basil


2 TB. balsamic vinegar

1 TB. olive oil

2-3 cloves garlic finely diced

zest of one small lemon

salt and pepper to taste

(parmesan cheese:optional)


1. Whisk the dressing ingredients together and set aside. 

2. In a food processor, finely chop basil leaves and spinach. Set aside

3. In a large bowl add quinoa, beans, tomatoes, chopped greens, and dressing. Mix until combined, and add more salt and pepper to taste.

4. Set in fridge until ready to serve.

If you want, feel free to add parmesan cheese on top.

This would be a great side dish, main dish, or a healthy snack! I had it for lunch, and ate it on top of pita chips:

Now I’ve got to work on my other ‘problem’, which is making excessive messes in the kitchen…

Either that, or I’ve got to some how find someone willing to buy that stained chair…

Some idiot will buy it, right?

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  1. I have the same issue with sale items… but you HAVE to buy it. Some things are such a good deal! you’d be LOSING money if you didn’t get them. 🙂

  2. Love this! and I have that same problem-at least we choose to buy healthy foods when they’re on sale, right? Better than hitting the candy isle 🙂

  3. Holy moly that’s a steal for tomatoes!!! At least your honest about your sale buying impulses… that’s the first step to recovery right, hehe 🙂

    Looks delish!!

  4. LOL! Me too! I’m like buy two get one free? Sure!! Especially when it comes to groceries. I am trying to cut bac on my spending habits. :\

    The salad actually looks refreshing and healthy. I can see serving that up at baseball tailgates or sitting at home watching the games. And Hubby won’t even know that it’s healthy. Mua ha ha.

  5. Wow, this looks good!! And just what I needed 🙂 . I have a big pack of cherry tomatoes I didn’t know what to do with and now I have a solution – thank you!! Usually I just roast them in some balsamic and throw them into whatever meal I’m having, but this looks so refreshing. Plus, I have ALL the ingredients ((for once!!)). Ohh, and it will be my FIRST ever time trying quinoa so, wish me luck!!

  6. I’m so excited about this because I LOVED your take on OSG’s chickpea cilantro salad. I can’t wait for this – I love new ways to make quinoa :).

  7. What to do with LOTS of extra fresh tomatoes? Freeze them! You can cook them until soft (like stewed tomatoes), and then freeze them to use in soups/sauces later. Voila! No wasted tomatoes! And no belly ache. : )

  8. I love all your salad ideas, this one looks amazing! And your pictures are always so bright and beautiful. Love those ingredients as well!

  9. This looks so uh-mazing. I generally despise tomatoes.. unless they are totally masked by other spices so this looks just about perfect for me. I heart chick peas too and could eat them all day….

  10. Mmmm, basil’s where it’s at. 🙂

  11. I just came across your blog, and it’s great! This recipe looks so good. I’ve actually been hearing a lot about quinoa lately, so I just bought some. Problem is, I now don’t know what to do with it! Thanks for the idea. (And congratulations on having a second baby girl! You have a beautiful family!)

  12. I can’t wait to try this recipe. I’m addicted to Quinoa. Is there an easy way to print out your recipe?

  13. I am loving that quinoa salad. I have not made quinoa in forever! Love being back to read your blog 😀

  14. MMMM I want to eat this off the page!!!! I know what you mean about not being able to pass by the stuff that’s on sale. I love me a bargain!

  15. Looks amazing! Quinoa is seriously my new favorite food!

  16. I just found your blog and have already made 2 recipes today! I.LOVE.THIS.SALAD! I made it to serve tomorrow, but the taste test was ah-mazing! I’m sure it will be even better tomorrow after all the favors have time to mix. Thank you so much and I look forward to making more of your dishes!

    • Awe Thank you SOOO much Angie! So glad you enjoyed it! You will have to let me know how everyone enjoyed the salad! Thanks again love!

  17. Just made this last night and quite enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing it!

  18. ~Just clarifying – the spinach in your quinoa salad is raw? I added the words “raw baby” in front of spinach when I copied the recipe.

    ~Is there any particular reason why you don’t want your images to be pinned to Pinterest?

    • I allow pinning of my images, but for some reason my images cannot be pinned. I have been trying to fix it, but nothing has worked. Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully I’ll be able to fix it soon.

  19. Cyndi M says:

    I just made this salad and it is fabulous. I will have lots of tomatoes from the garden soon and this will be a welcome side dish for the summer. Yummm.

  20. I made this tonight – used cherry tomatoes and fresh basil from my garden. I didn’t have the navy beans so I just left them out – absolutely FABULOUS – everyone had seconds….I will keep this recipe for sure!

  21. I am going to add this to my list of quinoa salads!

  22. I just made this delicious salad last night for an easter dinner! Everyone loved it. The dressing was such a nice compliment to the other flavors in the dish, HIGHLY recommend using it. I used cherry tomatoes and cut them in 1/2 and also tossed in some garlic and herb goat cheese and pine nuts. What a wonderful recipe!! Will be making this all summer long.

    You just can’t go wrong with basil and tomatoes!


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