Lover’s Salad with Easy Balsamic Dressing

I’ve always been that kind of girl…

The one who always orders a salad when going out to eat. It’s like my husbands favorite quality about me…


I also always order water, change and switch 50% of the salad toppings, and usually end up sending it back because the order is All Wrong! And just when I can’t be annoying enough, I slowly start sneaking bites off of other people’s meals because my lettuce and water weren’t satisfying enough.


I can only think of like 1 or two places that have amazing salads, and it’s all because of their toppings. I’m a 75% toppings and 25% lettuce kind of gal. Add a bomb dot com dressing and I basically could eat salad every single meal. No need to build a plate of everyones leftovers.

It just causes lots of weird looks, and less invitations to go out to eat.

Lover’s Salad with Easy Balsamic Dressing

*I call this Lover’s Salad because I’ve topped it with every RED topping imaginable. It really is super versatile, and you could change it up on a whim. It’s not a fancy salad that takes a lot of work, more of something that you could make quickly and enjoy that night! Don’t forget the bomb dot com salad dressing to go alongside! 


Green & Red Romain Leaves

Red Apples

Red Grapes

Dried Red Cranberries


Cherry Tomatoes

Parmesan Cheese Shavings

Candied walnuts/pecans

Chicken cooked with Cranberry BBQ Sauce (optional-not pictured)

Easy Balsamic Dressing


2 TB. Greek Yogurt-optional

1/4 c. good quality balsamic vinegar

1/4 c. olive oil

1/8 c. honey

1 tsp. dijon mustard



 1. Whisk all ingredients together until combined.

Oh, one more thing.

Don’t forget your hot red lipstick to go with your Lover’s Salad…


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  1. I agree it’s all about the toppings! That looks delicious!

  2. Love your recipes but I’m bummed to see that they are no longer geared towards vegan eating!

    • I understand Erin, and I’m sorry. I was never fully vegan, but I do eat a lot of vegan meals and still share them here on the blog. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, and add more vegan meals! 🙂

  3. mm what a delish salad!! im with ya! salads are all about the toppings! who needs the lettuce!! love the pic of BOo 🙂 how adorable

  4. Yum!! Love love SUPER-LOVE your blog! I just found it the other day, via somewhere…Pinterest maybe? All your recipes look wonderful and I can’t wait to try them! I really appreciate the wonderful, quality photos of your food and the process of making it also. Thanks for making healthy food look delicious!

  5. I just happened to stumble on to your blog through pinterest… and have been stalking all of your old posts ever since 🙂 Just wanted to say “hi”, your food looks delicious (can’t wait to try your recipes!) and your family is beautiful!

  6. This lipstick picture is too cute!! I have to try this salad- it looks delicious but love how healthy it is with all the red fruits and veggies. And finished off with the balsamic dressing must be fabulous!

  7. This salad looks so mmmmmm – mmmm – good! Love the photos 🙂

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