{LAUGH} The Time With The Drive-By

When I think back on my life and ponder as to which moment I would recall as the MOST downright I can never show my face again embarrassing moment, there is one time that keeps popping up in my head.

No, it’s not when I’ve had to drag a toddler out of a store who was screaming and kicking as If I was dragging them to beat the living crap out of them…(Although I’m sure some people really thought that was how THAT situation would end.)

It’s not when I sneezed and then farted the loudest poof of air ever during 7th grade SILENT reading.

It also wasn’t the time when I was so excited to attended my 8th grade graduation swim party and wear my first ever tankini bathing suit…The same bathing suit that just so happened to magically fall off in the wave pool as I stood up in front of my classmates…No that couldn’t be it.


(Look how happy I was before said incident, thinking I was so hot in that ‘skanky’ tankini…)

It also isn’t when I decided to skip school one day in high school, since my parents were out of town, and my BF at the time decided to join me  And when my BF had to use my bathroom, I mistakingly forgot to flush and my worst nightmare was staring him right in the face as he opened the lid….

OH my! I’m so sorry for that last one…

Sadly, even though those memories haunt me, there is still one that tops all of those…


You see, in high school, you could call me a hopeless romantic/stalker romantic. I mean, hallelujah there wasn’t Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snap Chat when I was growing up because…I would have stalked so hard. Unfortunately AIM and MySpace wasn’t enough for this girl, and sometimes you and your best friend just had to take things to another ‘stalker’ kind of level.

I’m not alone here right? I’m not crazy…. Psshhhhh!

I was 18. Yes, 18. Totally mature.

So there was this guy that I kind of sort of had a crush on, and one night my friend and I just got super bored. (UGH!) We decided to drive around in my brand new car that I had just gotten a few weeks before. You can already tell this will be bad can’t you?


We decided to do a drive by.

IF you don’t know what a drive by is in the definition of a desperate 18 year old girl, it’s driving by your crush’s house to well…just drive by. Not really sure what would the point of a drive by is, but there are pointless things you do as a teenager sometimes.

So as we drove up this large hill to reach his house that was at the top, we noticed he was walking out with his friend to get in his car. CRAP! He’s totally going to know we are stalking him! So, I did what any reasonable stalker would do…We pulled over to the side and ducked down real low.


We were ‘parked on a hill’, and ducking down. All of the sudden my car crashed as if someone had hit me. I looked up to notice I was no longer where I parked, but I was now down that hill and slammed into a parked car. Also, for some reason, my car wasn’t in PARK. It was in DRIVE!

As I looked in front of me, I noticed the headlights of my crushes car right in front of me. Apparently my accident had prevented them from leaving THEIR street. So what did I have to do?

Get of the car.

“Oh hey…What are you doing here? On YOUR street?”

It was so awkward and so bad. Needless to say, nothing happened between us after that. I think he told someone I was crazy. HA ha…like I’m not, why would he say that?! LIKE, I’M NOT CRAZY!

Also, the guys car I hit was drunk at a party so that was fun…Also telling my dad I just crashed my new car was fun.




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  1. omg I am literally LOLing reading this! I have no idea how this didnt happen to me. My friends and I loved our drivebys back in the day!

  2. This is so hilarious ???. I can relate all too well to the drive by experiences gone wrong ??

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