Diva Adventures: Frijoles Grilled Tacos, Las Vegas

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a visit to a restaurant here on the blog! What’s even more sad is that I live in Las Vegas where tons of people visit often, and there are amazing restaurants galore! But…I have two little kids and no babysitter…

And if we aren’t out of a restaurant within 20 minutes, well…It gets dangerous.


That being said, our little family LOVES eating out. Ironic? No..More like, I just cleaned the kitchen and it would be really nice for it to stay clean for at least an hour…

Get in the car kids! We’re gettin’ tacos!


Majority of the time when we eat out, we chose Mexican. No, every time we eat out we chose Mexican. I go through salsa like I drink water, and my husband could eat burritos every day for lunch.

Correction. I think he does.

So when our good friends opened a Mexican Grilled Tacos Restaurant called Frijoles, there was no doubt in our minds that we had to check it out.


After eating there more than I’d like to admit, I knew I had to share this amazing find with all of you! Being a healthy lifestyle blog, I totally consider this something that is right up my alley. All the food and drinks are fresh, made right in front of you! There are meat and vegetarian options and…FOR CRYING OUT LOUD THEY HAVE THE MOST DELICIOUS SPINACH DRINK.

Was that clear?


If I’m correct, this drink was made with lime, spinach, and oranges. Dang It!…Now I’m craving it. I’ve also had their CHIA SEED lemonade, which was the perfect balance of sweetness and tangy-ness! But don’t worry, if those drinks don’t float your boat, there are a ton of fresh drinks right up front for you to sample and chose from!


We usually get my girls rice and quesadillas and then cause a huge rice bomb all over the floor. (But that’s ok, we know the owners so they totally are ok with that :)! )

Rice is probably one of my favorite carbs besides sour dough bread, and this one fits the bill perfectly!


The salsa is fresh and somewhat chunky, just the way I prefer my salsa! And my husband…(Only he’s not chunky, so that jokes not even funny.)



Now here is where things are going to get intense…

This corn. I swear I make “MMMmmmm” noises every time I take a bite. I’ve had my share of grilled corn, but this one is just different! I swear they sprinkle magic (yes that’s right) on them or something, because this corn is incredibly addicting! It has the perfect char from the grill, the right amount of sweetness from the corn, a little spice, and the cojita cheese brings it all together!


Ahhh…The grilled tacos. I’ve never strayed, and i’ve always gotten the grilled chicken tacos and never once been disappointed. It’s made with corn tortillas, seasoned and grilled chicken, amazing FRIJOLES (beans), salsa, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream. I usually skip the cheese and just get a little sour cream since I usually ate my weight in salsa, corn, and spinach juice. Just trying to balance things out…


My husband get’s something different every time, and this last time he got a grilled shrimp burrito. I know this picture is horrible, but it was either this picture or one of him shoving the burrito in his mouth. I’m assuming he was very pleased :)!



So if you are ever visiting Las Vegas, or live locally, come try Frijoles!


I’m hoping to share more of my favorite ‘healthy’ restaurant Las Vegas finds in the near future since I get asked a lot the best places to eat! I might also throw in the best place to find chocolate cake…

I’m sure you won’t mind though right?


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  1. Now I want Mexican for dinner tonight! This place looks amazing.

  2. That place looks amazing. We love mexican too. I would love a place like that that has yummy drink options too.

  3. HA! Hubby is in Vegas for a conference this week. I just texted him your post and tell him to try to eat there before he leaves! Jealous you have this out there!


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