Easter Food 2014

This Easter is more different than any Easter I’ve ever experienced…










Besides being a year older, living in a different state, and making Easter dinner by myself for our small family…This Easter I’ve grown up. Or, I’ve become more of a grown up. I wouldn’t go too far into saying I’m an adult.

I still call my mom 1..2..3 times a day.

It seems like with every day, month, year comes new challenges, big or small, tragic or simple. With each challenge, we grow. Eventually. Sometimes those challenges send us back farther than we’ve ever been. Sometimes challenges push us to try harder and move forward. Either way. We all experience them.

I spent last weekend in the beautiful state of Virginia. Seriously, there was so much grass I didn’t know how to handle it. (You know..living in a desert and all.) I was there visiting one of my best friends who recently lost her 4 month old baby. A long with me on the trip came two other friends of mine. It was an emotional weekend, but filled with so much love.

A few days after returning home from my trip (which convinced me I’ll never fly again after being stuck in Denver for 10 hours…), my husband and I found out that a family member had just lost their 20 month old baby. My heart sunk, and seriously…I don’t think It’s going to feel back to normal ever again.

Ever since then, I’ve just wanted to sit and hold my babies. I’ve been letting the little things go that are insignificant, and honestly have taken up wasted time. I wanted to share this with you guys because I know that many of you, if not every one of us, is struggling with some type of challenge in our life. I know that it’s hard to move forward when times are difficult. I know that it’s a struggle to grow from these challenges.

But I also feel that eventually we will move forward and we will grow.

I’ve become even more grateful for my knowledge that families are forever, and that we will see our loved ones again. I am overwhelmed with the knowledge that my Savior and Heavenly Father love us, and feel our pain. I am grateful for the knowledge of prayer, and I know that it works. And each prayer said on behalf of others truly brings comfort.

This Easter I am going to try my best to really Love One Another. I’m going to Choose Happiness. And I’m going to be grateful for what I have now, and not focus on what I wish life could be like if this or that was happening.

Hug you loved ones for me! And Happy Monday, and I’m so grateful for each one of you!!

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  1. Praying for these families.

  2. Angie T. says:

    I am so sorry to hear of the terrible losses you & your friends & family have experienced. The loss of a child is indeed the most painful & tragic of all life’s experiences. My thoughts go to you in these difficult days. You are a lovely person that brings so much heart into everything you do. I love your blog & your beautiful family.
    Much love,

  3. You have a great perspective and such strong faith that shines through! I can’t imagine losing a child, let alone a little baby like that. I don’t have kids yet, but like you said, letting go of little worries and distractions is so important. Focus on the good times you have and find strength in prayer when times are tough. God’s love will get us through anything!

  4. My heart aches for your friends. It’s times like this that make the small problems seem so insignificant. Hug your precious babes extra tight tonight. 🙂

  5. Thank you Ari… your words mean more than you can imagine…

  6. How did you make your deviled eggs? I was wondering if you could substitute hummus for mayo and how it would taste…? Thanks in advance for your help.

  7. Oh, this post breaks my heart. I am so sorry your friend and family member is experiencing such loss. Use your faith to get you through; you are lucky to have such strong faith. Happy Easter–it looks like a beautiful spread you had!

  8. Losing little ones is absolutely heartbreaking… I’m so sorry! This is a beautiful post and message about such a hard challenge though. Thank you for sharing. I am grateful to know you through the blogworld – you have a beautiful, positive spirit! I hope you feel better soon and many prayers to your family members and friend!

  9. Having a 19 month old I can’t even imagine what your family and friends are going through with losing a little one! Thank you for sharing as I think this is way to gather support when needed most. My sympathies to all & I will be sure to hug my little one tight as well 🙂

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