Be Consistent with Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Here’s the truth about New Years Resolutions…

loathe them.

I think every New Years since I was a 12 I’ve always said I wanted to loose weight. Then come February and those cute pink and red chocolate candies some how find their way into every isle and corner of shopping stores, and then mysteriously end up in my shopping cart.

Of coarse after chocolate candy February comes chocolate covered bunny Easter, and before you know it BAM it’s June and everybody and their mom is wearing bathing suits and your still pounding that huge box of vibrant colored marshmallow peeps because they are your favorite.

(Note Picture above: Peep eater in a little coat…)

Like I LOATHE New Years Resolutions.

After many battles with myself and trying to change to a healthier lifestyle, I’ve learned that a new date and a new year does nothing but give me a little bit of hope, followed by a lot a bit of pressure, then eventually total failure.

I’m going to give a series of scenarios, and I want you to think in your head if you have ever done any of the following.

-You decide you are going to start eating healthy at the beginning of the New Year! Come that morning on the 1st of the year, you have NO idea what to eat and everything healthy sounds repulsive. You do the best you can though, and continue to make somewhat healthy choices through out the week. Come day 7 you are pretty cranky because healthy eating is becoming difficult, overwhelming, and it’s too hard to eat healthy every single meal and snack. Eventually you give in to that Ben & Jerry’s because you just can’t accomplish the goal you set out to do.

How about this one?

-At the new year, you decide you are going to exercise at least 5-6 times a week. Your goal is to wake up at 5 a.m. every day and run on that treadmill or go to the gym for at least 60-75 minutes. Come the 1st, you pull yourself out of bed and get your butt to the gym. It’s hard but you continue to do it for a couple of days. Then your husband is on call for the weekend, all of your kids get sick, and your just too tired to get up at 5 and go so instead you just give up. It’s to hard to fit in that amount of time with your busy schedule.


Ok, so I know those scenarios sound extreme, but in all honesty I’ve been there. I’ve been the girl who tried so desperately to change my eating at the first of the year and the pressure, my laziness, lack of knowledge, etc. made me give up. I’ve also been a mom, and more so a single mom due to my husbands schedule, and unable to have even an hour for a solid workout. Many a times I’ve given up on exercise because my family and it’s priorities were put first.

SO…What do you do?

Over the past month, many of you know our family is moving out of state. Besides the end of the year being super crazy with holidays and work schedules, we’ve been packing up our lives, living out of boxes, and staying at different family members homes until we can move into our rental. All of this has made me crazy, and quite frankly it’s been REALLY easy to get off track on living a healthy lifestyle.

Yet this past month I changed my way of thinking, and put it to the test. I wanted to see if this ONE phrase/ONE word could change the way I viewed staying on track with living a healthy lifestyle. You know what? It really did!

All you have to do is think of that simple phrase/word in order to stay on track with your goals of living a healthy lifestyle. Let me explain:

What this Does NOT mean-This does not mean you make a goal to be consistent with running 45 minutes on the treadmill each day.  This does not mean be consistent by making sure every single meal is healthy, every single day.

What this DOES mean-This means that as long as you are consist every day with doing SOMETHING that goes a long with your goals, you are doing the best you can! 

For example, one of my goals this year is to become better at exercising. With everything that has been going on, it’s been really hard to have even 20 minutes to myself to workout. So on days where it’s too crazy, instead of giving up and not exercising because it won’t be a great workout, I take 10 minutes to do some floor exercises. (Something simple like sit ups and lunges.) Or I do a ten minute You Tube video. It may not be the greatest workout where I burned 400 calories, but I did something. And on the days where I have more time, I’ll definitely do something more intense. But the main point I am trying to make here is that:

Eventually exercising, eating healthy, and living a healthy lifestyle will become a habit, and apart of your everyday lifestyle!

Here’s a look at some random days exercises that I’ve partaken in over the past few weeks:

Some of those workouts may have been small, but none were insignificant. Despite having a crazy schedule (and now two sick kids!), i’ve consistently done some sort of workout every day. (Except on rest days/Sundays.)

And if eating healthier is one of your goals, consistency will definitely benefit you too! For example, all of my favorite kitchen appliances, like my other child named vitamix, are all packed up. We’ve been staying at a family members houses and not everbody eats lots of freaky green food like we do and that’s ok! So eating healthy has been somewhat of a challenge. So I’ve done my best to balance and moderate the unhealthier foods, followed by consistently eating a few healthy things each day. I do the best I can with what I’ve been given! Here is an example:

So my goal for you this year is to :

Every Sunday I will keep you updated with ideas for you to be consistent with healthy living along with links for quick/effective workouts that you can do on your own! On top of that, Sundays will also be the day I will post a sample menu of healthy foods that you can make for your families through out the week! I’m really excited about this new series, and I truly hope all of YOU, my blog friends, will get involved and make an effort to be consistent everyday with making small and simple healthy choices!

Here are ways to get involved:

-Send me links/pictures/tweets about ways your were consistent with either eating healthy/working out/ making a healthy decision! Use the Hashtag #BeConsistent

Have a great start to the New Year everyone! Can’t wait to see all that this New Year brings!



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  1. You sound like my long-lost twin. 🙂

    I, too, have given up on resolutions due to the pressure. Although, sometimes I make resolutions in say, June, just to be weird. But on to my question for you – do you have any online fitness websites/workouts you recommend? I’m getting a bit tired of my videos, and there’s no way I’m going to make it to the gym everyday with two littles, so online it is!

    Thanks & happy new year!

    • I have TONS that I love to use, and I’ll def be sharing more as the series continues. Check out Blogilates or Tone it up. They are really good!

  2. Wow Ari I just want to say I LOVED this post. Everything is so well put and I love that you are being realistic and flexible with your goals. Consistency is definitely something I need more of in my life, even if its just mentally taking things as they come consistently and rolling with the punches rather than stressing out about all the little things. I definitely want to participate with #BeConsistent and I can’t wait to see how your idea grows 🙂 thank you so much for posting!! This really inspired me!

    • I am so excited you are on!! Life is always going to get busy and be in the way, so we have to learn how to continue with our goals during those times! Excited for the times to come! 🙂

  3. What a wonderful post and I couldn’t agree more! Consistency is the key to success in many forms. Exercising, eating healthy, raising children…. It is also something that is easy to let go of when life gets busy. This is such a great reminder to hold onto it and positive results will be seen! Hope you and your family had a wonderful New Year!
    P.S. Do you give coconut water to both your kiddos? I have a sick 19 month old right now who is refusing to much drink water or milk. I hadn’t thought of chocolate coconut water but he’d probably really like it!

    • You are right on track Giselle! Thanks so much for all your supportive and kind words!
      And I only give coconut water to my 2 year old, since my baby is only 5 months. But at 19 months you could definitely give it a try! And the chocolate flavor is the best :)!

  4. Happy New Year!! I cannot wait to see all the new wonderful posts you will have for this year


  5. You are literally speaking to me!! I have the same exact problem every single New Years. We also moved into a new house (with a gutted kitchen and bathroom) on December 22 so between packing/painting/unpacking I have eaten enough take out in the past month to last a lifetime!! Now that we’re moved in, and I have a functioning refrigerator and stove (and a little bit more time to myself!) I am so motivated!! Thank you so much for posting this, I can’t wait to get on track. Looking forward to the posts 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • OH my dear Liz I feel your pain! I am so sick of going out to eat, it’s ridiculous! So happy that you are becoming settled again though, that’s always such a great point to reach :)! Happy New Year to you too!

  6. I love this article! As a Dietitian, I know exactly how important consistency is when trying to live healthier. This year, I am focusing on respecting my hunger and fullness cues: I also put together a list of articles that I like related to News Years resolutions:

  7. I just found your blog. It’s just the motivation I need. My New Year’s Resolution was to keep up my exercise and better eating practices. But I’m between jobs right now and managed to spend the entire first week of the new year on the couch eating junk food (and a lot of it). But I’m going to try to embrace this new mantra. My new job starts next week so hopefully I can find a new routine that will include being consistent, with more veggies, more exercise, and way less junk food!

    • So proud of you Sarah! Don’t get down on yourself, we all have those times where we aren’t the ‘healthiest’ but we can always go back on track!

  8. This is SO true!! Resolutioners never follow through- and so I gave up on it a few years ago. This year, however, my bf and I made goals for the year, that we agreed to hold each other accountable to – and ultimately be Consistent! Your page is great, thanks so much for your thoughts and ideas!

  9. You are a God send….I love your blog and your ideas and support. Thank you thank you thank you !

  10. Hi! Found your blog via Peas & Crayons tonight.

    Have you been reading my mind? I decided to make “consistency” my keyword this year, too. I’m not doing such a great job in the exercise department — yet. But I’ve been consistently making better food choices, with some help from Weight Watchers, and am down 20 pounds since Jan. 1.

  11. Just found your blog via Peas and Crayons and I have to say wow! We’re at completely different points in our life (I’m a full time graduate student with 2 jobs) but our approaches to health are so similar! This is a great post highlighting the ease of small changes (and just how quickly they can become big ones) in regards to improving your health. It’s a similar approach to what I’ve been working towards in my own life and I’m so glad to see other people recommending the same things 🙂

  12. This blog has helped me to be consistent with eating healthy! Speciffically, these recipies are delicious and I love all the color in most of them! And generally this site has reminded me to play around with food and try new things!!! 🙂 I love substistuting healthier options instead of fatty, processed ingredients into even my family favorites!

    • Kindy you are AWESOME! 🙂 I am giving you all the credit, because you have the motivation to make consistent healthy choices! I love it! 🙂 Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!

  13. I loved this post ;-).

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