Pink Princess Party!!

Time truly has gone by too fast and I now have  precious 1 AND 3 year old little girls! I’m blessed beyond measure, and I love spoiling my girls in every way!

This years birthday was all about the color pink and princesses. My oldest is obsessed, (to say the least) with princesses, and she had been asking for a princess party for months. So I did my best to create any princesses dream party…I may have gone overboard…and next year’s party will probably be at chuckie-cheese…

But in the end it was all worth it! And now I hope you are ready for a photo dump of pictures!

(I also plan on doing a part 2 of this party with all the food recipes, and some how-to info on some of the decorations! So for now, just enjoy the pictures! 🙂 )














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  1. You throw the best parties! Can you adopt me?

  2. This is the most beautiful, perfect, wonderful party I have ever seen. I want to recreate it for myself! You did a great job!!!

  3. Wow is all I can say!

    ps- um, their names? Beautiful. Absolutely stunning choices 🙂

  4. Stephanie says:

    Where did you buy the frilly pink lace dresses? I LOVE them! I am hoping to pull together a Princess Sofia 2nd bday party for my daughter, so any and all directions would be great! Where did you find those glass jar jelly bean holders with crowns…
    Beautiful party!!

    • Which dress, my youngest or oldest daughter? My youngest was from a kids store in vegas and my oldest was from an etsy shop. I can send you the link if you want!
      And those jars were baby food jars. I’ll do a post next on all the info for everything :).

      • Stephanie says:

        The outfit your older daughter was wearing…I would love the link! Can’t wait for all the party info although I know I won’t do it justice. I guess I need to start tracking down tiny crowns and start buying some baby food!

  5. Your girls are too cute for words! Love the princess decor, and OH MY GOODNESS, my mom made me a Barbie cake when I was little too!

  6. That’s the pinkest, funnest party ever! I can’t even imagine how you pulled that all together with two littles! Plus their names are gorgeous, I love them!

  7. Awww, so beautiful! Maybe you should plan parties? –Just a thought! You always have the cutest themes! Seriously do not know how you got all that accomplished with the little ladies around. You must have worked like a madwoman! Can’t wait to see what you do next year, and the year after, and the…. 🙂

    • Planning parties would be an amazing job! But I think I would need to wait till my girls are a little older :). haha! It was definitely a lot of work, but totally worth it!

  8. Oh my gosh I love you! Your blog is awesome! Glad I stumbled across it!

  9. Seriously, party planner!! Your girls must have love everything about it. It looks amazing. Can’t wait to hear about the stuff you created for it. AMAZING!

  10. Can I have a fruit wand too? Seriously, those look delicious. Everything looks incredible Ari, you are such an amazing mom for putting this together! Your girls look like they had the best time 🙂

  11. MAY have gone overboard?!? LoL. I think you accomplished that!
    Seriously though, looks amazing! Your husband must be a patient man, awash in that much pink

  12. This is seriously the sweetest thing I have ever seen! Your girls are so lucky to have such an amazing mom! <3

  13. OMG this is amazing!! I love the pictures! what a beautiful party! and such fancy decorations!!!
    so happy you took so many pictures to show your girls when they are older!! you’re a wonderful mother! adn so creative!!!!

  14. the party looks amazing! you did a great job!! can’t wait to read about the recipes and decor list!
    such beautiful girls you have 🙂

  15. Everything looks totally amazing!! What a beautiful party. Your girls are very lucky to have you as their mommy. Where did you find the time to do it all?

    • Thanks Amanda! My mom helped a lot, and I’ve been making decorations and stuff for a couple months. I would do little projects here and there during nap and bed times :)!

  16. Ari!
    Such a gorgeous princess party for two gorgeous little girls! You are such a wonderful mom – and this party shows how much time and dedication you put into their birthday! I LOVE it! Saving this in a file for our future princesses!

  17. Eeeek you are amazing, the party is soo cute, and your girls are adorable! Isn’t being a mom to a girl the BEST??? 😛 (I’m not biased, ahem) And it’s so cute to see your little one so excited. She’s like, enchanted! haha.

  18. Oh my goodness your parties are amazing!! I have all boys…but your posts make me want girls. ha!

  19. My aunt used to make me the Barbie cakes every year for my bday, it was the best ever! That party looks amazing. I’d love to see a DIY for the giant rose ball decorations (sorry, I don’t know how else to describe them, ha).

  20. Congratulations Arielle!!!! It’s a wonderful party for the girls as expected from you :)))) Your family is very very lucky! Hope to be a mum just like you in the future!!! Great job!!! Kisses from Turkey

  21. Arielle this is the most AMAZING princess party EVER!! Im thinking i need to have a princess party for my 27th bday 😉 haha. Once again your pics and ideas are just an absolute treat to see!! And your daughters are just gorgeous, as are you! x

  22. Where did you find those little crowns for the baby food jars?!?!

  23. Can you send me the link of where you got all the materials you used for this amazing beautiful party ive ever seen..please..thanks
    What a beautiful family????

  24. What kind of salad is that beside the chicken sandwiches. I really like the meal idea and how do you make the sandwiches and salad: recipe please:) Amazing job.

  25. Juanita kendall says:

    Hello, love your party ideas! Great job! Where did you get the wooden signs? I am doing a bday party for my little girl.

    • Hi Juanita! I actually made them! They are just wood boards purchased at a craft store, I stained them, wrote on them, and nailed them into a yard stick and put them in the grass!

  26. Britney says:

    Where did your cute tiny princess tiara for the gerber jar favors?

    • Hi Britney!
      I found them at a party supply store, and they are actually little clips. I just cut off the clip part with an sharp knife! 🙂

  27. where did you get the pink tortilla chips.

  28. Love the photos! That is so much hard work! Which spray paint did you use for the jars and what camera was used for the beautiful crisp photos?

  29. How did you get the décor stuck to the ceiling???

  30. Christa says:

    Where did you get the little princess crowns?

  31. Beautiful party theme 🙂
    where can i get the little container with pink lids and the crown ?

  32. 🙂

  33. This is AMAZING!I’m planning a princess party as we speak! I’m loving the yard signs! How did you do that???


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