Pumpkin Butter


Have you ever heard of pumpkin butter? Neither have I… Well until recently. Apparently if your a big pumpkin fan, well then you probably will go into a pumpkin coma. You see, pumpkin butter, or BuTtA’, is a creamy blend of seasonal flavors. You spread it on toast, put in on pancakes, add it to […]

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Baby’s First Halloween 2010


Name that movie? =] Well another halloweeny came and gone, but this year it was EXTRA special! We had a very special babe-ster to share the holiday with. This year we got serious with our pumpkin carving… Serious enough with special carving glasses. I know, seriously so cool. Spooky talent? I think so =] And […]

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Alice and Wonderland Cupcakes



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My First Baby is here!


So the time finally arrived… It had been a long 9 months, and I am happy to say that my little baby girl is currently snuggled in my arms. Hopefully this is a GOOD enough excuse as to why I have been M.I.A. on the blogger lately. Forgive me? =] Ok so I’m sure you […]

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