Mexican Style Salad Naan Pizza


Often times I try and make dinners that can please the whole family, and everyone will enjoy. That’s in a perfect world though…In reality, my husband wants Del Taco, one daughter is screaming for a popsicle, and the other is eating crumbs off the kitchen floor…And I just want to make peanut butter and honey […]

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Sea Salt Chocolate Cookies-Paleo Friendly


I’ve got a delicious Chocolate Cookie recipe for you today over on Venus Williams blog! It’s the perfect balance of sweetness with a hint of salt. It’s made with almond flour, which makes it paleo friendly. And it’s sweetened with bananas, and no other added sweeteners or sugars! It’s the perfect cookie when you need […]

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Popeye Spinach Juice


We are now three weeks into summer ‘break’ with my girls, and I’m ready for September. Not because I don’t love being with my girls all day, but I’m over the 110 degree weather (and it will get worse). And…As much as I love swimming every day, I don’t. Unless it’s on a beach, of […]

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Homemade Bread


Let me share a story with you about breadsticks… We were young, thin, and energetic, and we went to dinner at Olive Garden. That’s where you go when you live in Rexburg, Idaho. That or Wingers. Or Jack in the Crack. I remember being so nervous and thinking, “Ok I’ll only eat one breadstick, because if […]

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Diva Adventures: Frijoles Grilled Tacos, Las Vegas


It’s been a while since I’ve shared a visit to a restaurant here on the blog! What’s even more sad is that I live in Las Vegas where tons of people visit often, and there are amazing restaurants galore! But…I have two little kids and no babysitter… And if we aren’t out of a restaurant […]

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