Just Write. Just Live.


My English teacher in college taught me (more than) one lesson I’ll never forget… He said that too often when we write, we are taught to go back and re-read every sentence after we write it. Then we look over every written word, grammar usage, grammatical errors, and eventually we find our selves proof reading  those […]

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Footage Friday: Chocolate Greek Yogurt Popsicles

Here is the deal my friends…. I’m trying reeeeallly hard to post a Footage Friday video every friday. Buuuut, I’m also really trying to focus more on quality than quantity. So if I don’t have a video up, it’s most likely because I don’t have anything I’m super proud of to show you! It’s because […]

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Sweet Lime Chicken


The very first ‘home cooked’ meal I ever made my husband was chicken. It was disgusting. I remember calling my mom every 5 minutes, “Wait, so how do I know when the chicken is done? It’s been in for an hour?” It was done alright. I have this fear of undercooking meat, so I tend […]

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Strawberry Mint Iced Green Tea


The very first time I tasted an iced tea was a few months ago. True story. I always thought it was weird when people ordered iced tea, because like…It’s cold tea. Tea is gross. It taste like watered down leaves. No matter how much honey you add to that tea, it doesn’t make it sweeter.However, […]

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Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies


I am…SO tired. I noticed the other day that the bags under my eyes are more noticeable, and my hours of staying up late are now starting to affect me. I guess I think I’m 19 and in college… Except in college I slept in, never cleaned, took long showers, and used my brain. Now, […]

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