Spiced Chocolate Banana Muffins


I’m trying my hardest to type this blog post all about the most delicious Chocolate Spiced Banana Muffins, but my daughter has Peppa Pig on in the background, and now I’ve somehow developed a British accent with pig snorts shoved in-between. You want to know what’s worse than regular writers’ block? British accent pig snorts […]

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Blog Survey!

You guys! It’s no secret that I’m not the best blogger. Whaaaaat?! I’m always trying to improve, and I’m always always trying to do better. This January I’m doing a blog RE-LAUNCH, and I hope to improve things and step it up! Sooooo…Would you guys please take this Blog Survey for me? I don’t want […]

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Gingerbread Pumpkin Bread


I am a hypochondriac. The first step is admitting it, right? Literally every week I tell my husband I’ve got some sort of sickness/disease, and I’m 100% sure because at least 15 out of the 27 websites I checked said so. And let’s be honest, the doctors on those sites are LEGIT! And then today, […]

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White Bean and Chicken Soup


I know that I only have a few sentences to grab your attention, because let’s be honest. Reading blogs is all about visual. Pictures. Pictures. And Pictures. So here goes nothing: I had a dream that Christian Bale and I were eating soup on the set of Little Women, wearing old fashioned gowns. Not him. […]

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Almond Butter Banana Bread (Coconut Flour + Almond Flour)


The word threenager is totally a thing. So is a man cold. So is exhaustion due to a teething baby. These are just a few of the things that’s been going on in the Crazy People Household. (I wish I could have come up with something a little more clever than CPH, but rememeber…exhaustion.) We also had our […]

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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies (Muffin Tops & Ice Cream Sandwiches)


Let me share with you the conversations that a household of girls might experience… Conversation between the 5 year old and 3 year old while getting ready for school in the bathroom: 5 year old: “Is Jack going to be at school today? Don’t you think he’s cute?! Is he your Boooooyyyyffrriiieennndd?!!!” 3 year old: “HE’S NOT MY […]

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THE Banana Bread


Chocolate chip banana bread is probably one of my favorite carbs. Besides sourdough bread, restaurant bread, garlic bread, breadsticks… Oh and cookies and cakes and muffins. Those are carbs too right? My mom would make banana bread ALL the time, and still does. Whenever I would visit her house with my girls there was bound […]

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Reality vs. Expectation

photo 5

The other day I was walking with one of my mom friends and we were discussing some of the ‘crazy-ness’ that goes on in our every day life. Whether it be motherhood, wifehood, cleaning the house-hood…We talked about it all. After the conversation I had this constant thought in the back of my mind that […]

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Lemon Roasted Broccoli


Wait what? Am I blogging? Are pigs flying? (Check out the end of this post to find out why I was kind of absent!) Are you guys mad at me? I hope we can still be friends, despite the fact that I’ve been THE worst. But I feel like, or at least I’m hoping, that […]

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Find Joy In Today


As I laid in my bed Sunday night and reflected on the day, tears began to fall down my face. It was 11 p.m. and the baby was nuzzled up next to me. If she or I moved, she quickly searched for me to nurse  and then would fall back asleep in a matter of […]

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