No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies


There was this one time last week where I’m positive people wanted to call CPS on me… It was a day like every other. The girls requested to dress them selves, which meant rain boots, pink dresses, matching head bands, and crocs. My 4 year old did the makeup of her self and the two […]

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Currently Craving: Ranch Salad w/ Croutons


I feel almost embarrassed to be posting the following ‘recipe’ because, well it’s not really a recipe. v At this moment in my life there are about 5 foods that I can eat without grossing me out. It’s horrible and I’m over it, but at the same time I am kind of enjoying it. The […]

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Pregnancy #3-Update/All About


Oh my Heavens!! Where do I begin?! (12 weeks Pregnant. I’ve grown since then!) First of all, THANK YOU for all of the love, support, congrats, and sweet wishes from all of you! Our little family and this baby bump of mine feel so loved! I feel so blessed in so many ways! When my […]

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We’ve been keeping a secret…


We’ve been keeping a rather large secret for a very long time… We are expecting another BABY GIRL in February, 2015! A post will follow soon with all the details :)!

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Simple Top Ramen


Today I held a (rather large) clump of thin dirty blond hair in my hand. One child screaming with her hands on her head, and the other child grinning from ear to ear, doing some sort of twirl victory dance. As I bent down to scold said dancing child, her little two year old mouth […]

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