Chickpea Vegetable Curry


The other day, it was around 2 o’ clock and my kids had just rested their energetic bodies down for a nap. I swear that day I had heard, “Do You Want to Build A Snowman?” 856 times, and my mentality was close to a 5 year old. I had a really small breakfast that morning […]

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Healthy Root Beer Floats!


There are a lot of things in my past that I often time bring up to my husband, and he will literally drop his jaw in disbelief. Let’s not go too far into thinking I was an exotic dancer of some sort. It’s more like, I used to scarf down a whole chipotle burrito every […]

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The Best Way To Start Your Morning!


  I almost feel silly about posting the following ‘recipe’, because to some it might seem kind of like, “Well Duh!” I realized though that this ‘idea’ wasn’t always a ‘DUH’ thought for me, but more of like a, “Eh, who cares?” Make sense? Without trying to sound like an email in your spam inbox, […]

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Peanut Butter Banana Muffins


I’m not ashamed to say, but one of my favorite things to snack on is chocolate chip muffins. It’s the perfect combo of carbs & chocolate, which in my opinion are the most important food groups. (Is this a healthy living blog?) A lot of times I spread a dollop of my favorite peanut butter […]

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Boxtera-Healthy Snacks Giveaway!


While some parts of the country are inside watching snowflakes land on their window seals, here in Las Vegas we’re outside enjoying the sunshine…Sighhhh. Despite living in a desert, there really are beautiful parts of the area including the stunning Red Rock mountains. Usually once a month we go on a family hike, and it’s […]

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