Taste The Rainbow-Eat Your Veggies- Veggie Hummus Pizza


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day….We’ve already covered a Rainbow colored fruit dish, and today is all about veggies! I think veggies are probably one of the hardest forms of food to convince people to eat, no matter how many servings of ranch you serve with them! (Just ask my husband.) Ever since I made […]

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Taste The Rainbow Fruit Parfait!


  I kind of feel like St. Patricks Day is my least favorite holiday. Obviously any excuse to eat a bowl of Lucky Charms with green milk is a fantastic holiday, but the idea of wearing green bothers me. I remember being in middle school and making my dad rush me to the nearest store […]

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Chickpea Vegetable Curry


The other day, it was around 2 o’ clock and my kids had just rested their energetic bodies down for a nap. I swear that day I had heard, “Do You Want to Build A Snowman?” 856 times, and my mentality was close to a 5 year old. I had a really small breakfast that morning […]

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Healthy Root Beer Floats!


There are a lot of things in my past that I often time bring up to my husband, and he will literally drop his jaw in disbelief. Let’s not go too far into thinking I was an exotic dancer of some sort. It’s more like, I used to scarf down a whole chipotle burrito every […]

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The Best Way To Start Your Morning!


  I almost feel silly about posting the following ‘recipe’, because to some it might seem kind of like, “Well Duh!” I realized though that this ‘idea’ wasn’t always a ‘DUH’ thought for me, but more of like a, “Eh, who cares?” Make sense? Without trying to sound like an email in your spam inbox, […]

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