The Reality Of How My Family Lives A ‘Healthy Lifestyle’


I would say that 80% of the emails I get are from parents who are struggling with having their family and their children eat healthy. Even though it’s an email or a comment, I can tell that they are stressed, worried, and feel a sense of failure because their child or spouse just hates eating […]

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Sun Dried Tomato and Pesto Meat Balls

Sun Dried Tomato and Pesto Meatballs via The Diva Dish

*Need a quick weeknight dinner? Meatballs are one of our family favorites and it’s super fast to whip together! Add the meatballs to your favorite pasta and you are done! Plus, these meatballs have a hint of veggies in them!* I find myself making meatballs almost weekly for my little family because it’s fast and […]

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Nailed It : Laundry


Let’s talk about laundry. I LOATHE laundry. Nope. Scratch that. I HATE laundry. I feel bad because I think it’s one of those things I should have told my husband before he married me. But I didn’t. See that pile on the bed? It’s clean. Clean-ish. That pile was washed a week ago. It’s been in […]

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Single Serving PB Cup (Quick Dessert!)

Single Serving Dark Chocolate PB Cup via The Diva Dish

Sometimes mommy just needs some candy. Like when your husband comes home from work with a king size bar of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and you just watch him take each bite wishing he would share, but secretly hope he doesn’t. So twisted. Or when you are convinced your 3 daughters have Pre menstrual like […]

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Spring Citrus Kale Salad

Citrus Spring Kale Salad

The other day as I was making a kale salad, my cousin looked at me and said, “Isn’t it funny how now you are eating that, but back then it was a decoration on your steak plate!” Years ago, the thought of eating kale would have been a laughing matter to me. If kale was […]

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The BEST Acai Bowl

The BEST Acai Bowl from The Diva Dish

From the age of 16 through 20 I worked at smoothie businesses. One might think this is where my love of ‘healthy living’ developed…But when a pizza place next door starts exchanging you breadsticks for smoothie, well… Also, did you know the majority of smoothie chains make their smoothies with sugary juice and frozen yogurt […]

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And Then There Were Three…


It’s amazing how you don’t think that life could get any better, or that you could share your heart any more, but as soon as we welcomed our 3rd sweet baby girl everything changed. I feel so incredibly  blessed! Life with 3 girls…where do I begin? I read this quote some time ago and I think […]

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Healthy Baked Chocolate Chip Donuts

Healthy Baked Chocolate Chip Donuts from The Diva Dish

*My kids request donuts often, and I love baked donuts that I can make from home as a healthier alternative! These are made with pancake mix, so half the work is already done for you! Enjoy these Healthy Baked Chocolate Chip Donuts with your kids anytime without the sugar overload!* ******************************************************************************************** We live somewhat close to […]

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Sunday Dinner : Before Baby

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish

I think there is a 6th sense roaming about our household. Each one of us in our own way knows that the 5th member of our family will soon be here, and well…. Each one of us is handling the situation differently. My girls personalities have completely switched, but I’ve still managed to have one […]

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Walnut Berry Protein Smoothie + Our Kitchen Before Pictures!

Walnut Berry Protein Smoothie from The Diva Dish

*Need a quick snack for your hungry littles, or even yourself? This Walnut Berry Smoothie is the perfect treat to keep those bellies full!* I’ve discovered over the past month that there is not only ONE but TWO places near my house that make Acai bowls. You know those smoothie bowls topped with fresh fruit, […]

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