The Reality of Exercise…Sometimes!

Remember How I said I was trying to work on a better blogging schedule? Well Friday I was supposed to post a video, and I didn’t. BUT, I have one for you today, so I hope that you will forgive me . It’s technically only two/three days late which means I’m improving right? Ok, so […]

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Dessert Bullet Giveaway


I’ve always been a Magic Bullet fan from the beginning. In fact I’ve had mine for almost SIX years now, and I just recently used it yesterday! It was the first machine that I ever made  a green smoothie from (and this green muffin!) Well a few months back I was contacted by my wonderful […]

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Blueberry Greek Yogurt Pancakes


I wish most mornings we had time to make pancakes, and maybe we would if I got my booty out of bed early enough. Unfortunately I just love to drop my daughter off at school looking like my picture should be uploaded on People of Walmart dot com. It’s easy to get stuck in a […]

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Almond Butter Granola Bites


Ok so I’ve been trying to step up on my blogging, and make this blog a more ‘full time’ thing…. I had this idea that I would post every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. And Friday’s would be a video! So today is Monday. And I posted a video. So far so good. Today’s video is a favorite quick […]

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Fresh Vegetable Tropical Fruit Smoothie


With spring just around the corner bringing warmer temperatures, smoothies have finally made a way back into our daily rituals! I’ve started something new with making smoothies, which has been using fresh vegetable juice as the liquid base! Green spinach smoothies are so last year…(Ignore the fact that I had one for lunch.) I’ve never […]

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