Meet The Family

This is Ari.

She’s a lot a bit dramatic, 100% girl, and deathly afraid of spiders. Her favorite things in life are her incredibly sexy hubby, and her beautiful and full of life darling daughters. (Oh and her kitchen whisk!) If she had to name her favorite food, it would be a battle between a carb and dark chocolate. Yet of coarse, she loves green smoothies and kale salads and tries her best to feed the family the best foods to keep them healthy and strong! Whole-heartedly she believes “Our Bodies are Temples” and each day should include at least one piece of chocolate. She also believes in enjoying life, family, and living life to the best of our ability!

This is the hubba hubba hubby.

An extremely hard working man, sports junkie, and owner of 547 pairs of white shoes. His daughters have him wrapped around their tiny little fingers, and he has a hard time saying no to his very convincing and beautiful wife. His smile can melt anyone’s heart, and his eyes will make you fall in love. Healthy foods aren’t his forte, yet he lovingly takes bites of greens that are often shoved in his face.

Boo, the diva dish

This is Boo.

Princess and ruler over all the household, who sings, dances, and tells it like it’s nobody’s business. Her shining personality can make smiles and laughter fill the room. While her ability to love and give hugs and kisses can make anyone feel warmth in their heart and soul. She hates sleeping, and has since the day she was born. If allowed, she would consume a huge flat of berries all in one sitting.

Sweet pea, The Diva Dish

This is Sweet Pea.

She’s often called a Sour Patch kid, because at first she’s naughty…Then she’s sweet. She’s silly, daring, funny, sassy, full of life, and the most lovable girl you would ever meet. There is never a dull moment when she’s around, and she has the ability to make you laugh and cry all in one day. Her favorite foods are anything with sugar and fresh squeezed juices, which is definitely an interesting combo!

piglet, the diva dish

This is Piglet.

Obviously the name isn’t at cute as her sisters, but don’t let it fool you. She’s cuter than anyone could imagine. She’s tiny and petite and has the loudest scream when she’s mad, (hence the nickname.) She’s awake 70% of the day and just LOVES to look around and smile and laugh. She’s her mamas side kick, her sisters BFF, and her daddy’s little angel. All you want to do is cuddle her when you see you and give her tons of kisses!


  1. Beautful family. I hope you are blessed with much joy and peace.

  2. What a great looking family! I love your descriptions for everyone as well! LOL. God bless. 🙂

  3. So sweet! 🙂

  4. Leah Painter says:

    Pretty sure your little girls and family are the cutest ever! I love your blog!!

  5. Cayenne Tennerson says:

    I just came across your blog and I love it!!! As a mommy to two little one’s your blog is perfect for me!!! Thank you 🙂
    BTW Beautiful family;)

  6. So precious. 🙂

  7. so precious!!! 🙂

  8. Do you have updates through e mail. Cannot seem to subscibe. LOVE YOUR BLOG. Happy Valentine’s Day…………………dee

    • Hi Dee!
      Yes I do! On the right hand side there is a blue rectangle, and it says Subscribe. Underneath is a place to enter your email! It usually takes a day to receive the posts in your inbox! Thank you!! 🙂

  9. Just me again . I tried to subscribe to your blog the way you told me to. Still having problems. It says “the feed does not have subsciptions by email enabled”. HELP !!! Have a blessed day…………..fondly dee

  10. Leeann Young says:

    You have a beautiful family. Your website is fun, entertaining and the food recipes are amazing. Thank-you!

  11. Just stumbled across your website and I’m already addicted to your recipes! You are blessed with such a beautiful family too!

  12. Hi, love your blog and family….you are adorable and I totally agree on your philosophy on healthy eating. I recently (6 months ago) lost my older sister to colon cancer. It spring boarded me into taking better care of myself and especially eating better…..I cut out gluten and dairy and feel so great, I haven’t looked back….and my daughter, Erin, made your Quinoa, tomatoe, basil salad for me for Mother’s Day….It has become my new favorite and I will be making it all the time from now on….so thank you and I will be trying more of your recipes too. Thanks so much and keep up the great blog!

    • Hi Pam! You are so sweet, thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I am so sorry about the loss of your older sister. Keep up the great work, and say hello to your daughters for me! 🙂

  13. P.S….I am the mother of two wonderful daughters too…..Mine are 31 and 26…..I love being their mom and we are all best friends!!!!

  14. Hi Ari,
    I just have to tell you that I’m addicted to reading your blog! You have a beautiful family and your posts truly inspire me to want to incorporate healthier living in my home. I have 4 girls (ages 12, 10, 9 & 1) and we are always on the go, so sometimes it’s difficult to eat as healthy as I want us to – so I give you credit! I have a brother and sister who both went to school for nutrition, so I’m aware of how important it is to treat our bodies as temples. I admire you for all you do and the creative foods you make that look so yummy, yet healthy at the same time. I am definitely going to try some of the recipes I’ve seen you post. I’ve already started cooking everything with coconut oil, although I have to say I’m not a big fan of coconut. I bouoght the Nutiva Virgin Organic kind. Do you suggest one that doesn’t have as strong of a flavor? Thanks! God bless, and keep blogging! 🙂 ~ Kerilee

    • Hi Kerilee!
      So glad to hear that you value healthy living! Thank you for all your kind comments! 🙂
      And I am a big fan of coconut oil, and maybe I’m weird but I’ve never tasted a strong coconut flavor from the oil. It definitely doesn’t taste like butter or olive oil, I think it has a more nutty flavor. As for brands, I have tried Tropical Traditions which is an online company. Otherwise I usually buy the brand that is on sale, since it can be kind of expensive. Otherwise maybe use it in baking rather than cooking veggies that way you don’t taste the flavor as much. Hope that helps, and thanks again for your comment!

  15. JAMES R. says:

    You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. 8 – )

    I wish you all a very long & healthy life together.

  16. Rizza Joy Canitan says:

    your daughters are sooooooo cute and adorable 🙂

  17. Hi, thank you for sharing your cooking recipies and family pics. Everything looks great.

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