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The Ultimate Healthy Grocery List-With Printables!

What’s in my Hospital Bag?


Vintage Circus Party 1st Birthday

Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthay

Bridal Shower (Pink)


Chocolate Avocado Face Mask


  1. Michelle Jones says:

    Hello! About a couple hours ago I came across your website by searching the Internet for a healthy grocery list for my pantry. It led me to your site; since I’ve been on it, I have not been able to stop reading!!! I have to tell you what an amazing job you are doing ! I gathered so many great ideas from you (coincidentally I have a soon to be two yr old with a Minnie Mouse themed bday coming up Nov.24th & I love all ur awesome ideas from Baby Boo’s bday party)! Also I absolutely LOVE how well your personality comes out in your entries!!! I was truly laughing out loud while reading! Verrry entertaining! Bravo!!! Your ideas, your style, your heart, and your love for your family all comes out beautifully throughout your website (without the typical “corny ” ‘my life is the best’ stuff we often see on other websites). Thanks for sharing your ideas and life w/the world. From one proud mother (&wife) to another, I commend you!!!! Take care , I’ll be checking out your website (& telling all my friends) often for more fab ideas!!! -Michelle Jones

    • Michelle!!
      You completely made my morning! You don’t know how much this meant to me and it was definitely what I needed to hear to keep me going! Thank you so much for all of you loving compliments, and understanding that I am far from perfect! (If only you could see my house and the way we are all dressed at this moment! 🙂 ) Thank you for being a reader, that is the greatest gift to me!! Take care of you sweet family, and I can’t wait to hear all about the Minnie Mouse birthday!!

      • Michelle Jones says:

        Thank you !!!!

        I’m looking forward to trying the beginners green smoothie ! I’ve read your words, consider me inspired! I can’t wait for my daughters birthday party; and I’ll definitely send some picks ! Keep up the amazing (inspiring ) work! -Michelle Jones

        • Michelle Jones says:

          Ok, Michelle (again ) so being that (as I mentioned in my first comment) I’m utterly impressed by your website, I’ve started following u on twitter and am about to subscribe to your YouTube channel (it’s hard writing all these things w/out sounding a bit stalker “ish”, lol~ promise I’m not, just an instant Fan)! Anyway I was wondering if you have a cookbook or a “how to” book on the way or out there already. I consider myself a good homemaker, but could always use great advice and ideas from other moms who know what I’m going through! ( I got the fantasy football playin’& ESPN watching’ hubby too; trust, I feel ya’)! Please let me know, thanks so much!!!

          • Thank You Thank You! Not stalkerish at all! 🙂 We are friends!! 🙂
            And no books or anything…yet…I hope to some day! It’s one of my dreams/goals!

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