Starting A Healthy Lifestyle //Step 2// Fall In Love with Exercise

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Where do I begin-A Healthier New You & A Happier New Year 

Step 1 //Start Small // Be Consistent 


Oh Happy Day!

We are on Step 2 on the series of,


step 2

I know that this seems like an EXTREME step…Fall in LOVE with exercise? Really? Step two?

Falling in love with exercise when you’ve pretty much always hated it your whole life is not easy, especially for me. To this day my biggest struggle IS exercise. And there are days where I treat exercise like a girl I’m totally jealous of. I talk about how much I hate it, disgusted by how perfect it is, but then deep down inside I wish exercise and I were BFF’s.

What? I never do that? Jk.


Then I have kids. Two under 3, and they hate when I exercise too. A lot. In fact they cry, throw tantrums, fall off tables, and make the biggest messes ever when I try to exercise…

(If you follow me on Facebook, I posted a picture that proves this.)

So how on earth does one FALL IN LOVE with exercise?  Whether you are at a point in your life where you work out a little, somewhat, never, or on occasion, falling in love with exercise IS possible.

And this is how…


I’ve talked before about how I came to where I am in life, and before it all started I never exercised. Ever.

I remember the very first time I ever went on a run, it was horrible. I probably ran 30 seconds then walked 5 minutes, ran 30 seconds, walked 10 minutes. Each time my pace kicked it up a notch, I was already planning on when I was going to slow down.

But then what changed everything was that I did the same exact thing the following day, and the day after, and the day after that, and so forth! I started running 30 seconds, to 10 minutes, to 30, and so on. I LOVED IT! I looked forward to it on a daily basis and couldn’t wait to get out there and run.

I can’t explain it well through words, but I will never forget that feeling. The feeling of energy, strength, stamina, health, and endurance…It was amazing.


My workouts have changed since then, especially with having 2 babies in 3 years, a husband in medical school who now works 2 jobs and never seeing him…It’s tough.  I’ve had to re-learn to love exercise and remind myself and my body of that too.

I’m not saying you have to start running, because everybody has different likes and dislikes. This post is all about finding an exercise you could love, and fall head over heels for it.

I want you to feel what it’s like to fall in love with exercise, and to never forget that. Life will happen, and sometimes exercise won’t always be something that is happening, (for example, a really hard pregnancy that doesn’t allow it). But once you have felt the LOVE of exercise, you will have this desire to always go back…

Too Corny?



Even if it’s just 30 seconds on your first day, keep going. I’ve learned that the beginning is the hardest, that’s why it’s so so so so so important to Be Consistent and to keep on trying.

Little by little.

I promise you will learn to LOVE exercise just as much as I do!


Step 3 tomorrow! Can’t wait! xo

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  1. I absolutely agree with making your love for exercise a habit. Continuing to push yourself to do similar activities every single day to create a habit leads to a successful and healthy change in lifestyle.

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