What you see here on my blog are all based off of my own personal knowledge, opinions, and experiences. I am not a doctor nor a health professional, so concerning your diet you should always consult a health professional/doctor first to fit your own personal needs.

-The pictures you see here on the blog are not permitted to be used by anyone else. The recipes are yours to enjoy, but if you post them on your website, please link the recipe to my page.

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  1. Dear Ari.

    Congratulations on lovely blog. I’m not just saying it, t’s nice to look at and easy flow. Gorgeous kids.
    I tend to agree with coment about left margin but it doesn’t bother me that much.
    I’ve been thinking abou writting a blog for ome time and when I saw yours, I thought: that’s what I’m talking about.
    Did you do it yourself?
    Reason I ask is because I have no idea how to blog and maybe you could give me any tips . . .?

    • Thank you Claudia! I changed to the left margin and I like it much better. So grateful a reader suggested that!
      And I created this blog myself, but I had the help of a blog designer who was able to design the look (according to my vision.) She is from beautifullydawndesigns.com and I loved her!
      As for blogging tips, I would suggest coming up with a ‘theme’ of your blog, and to what you want it to be about and then go from there. Just write what your feeling, and be totally and completely yourself!

  2. Haley Eisenhardt says:

    I love this blog!! I am completely obsessed! I have used so many of these recipes and I love the pictures and stories that go along with each one! I eat as clean as I can and I love having resources like this to keep clean but have lots of variety. I’m looking forward to the workout section to see what that has to offer! Thank you for all you post!

  3. Just found your blog and I LOVE it! You have the cutest little family ever. And I love your story on how you got healthy! Keep up the awesome bloggin’!:)

  4. Melissa Miller says:

    I am happy that I found your blog. I am going to try this week to start eating a little different than I have been. A year and a half ago I remarried and have been in the situation that my husband and his two children eat much differently than me and my two children eat. It has been a constant struggle. To top it off, I have been overweight my entire life. I have the fear as I head into the final stretch of 40 that I am going to develop diabetes or high blood pressure. I may not be able to get my entire family on board but I know that I can eat at least 2 meals on my own daily that should be green. So here goes… maybe a run will be somewhere in my near future.

    • You are so inspiring Melissa! As long as you have the thought process going, and you want to and are willing to change things, then it will work out! And I’ve still got a husband who eats fast food on a weekly basis, so don’t worry about others. Just work on you and the rest will fall into place. I wrote a post a while back on ‘Being Consistent’, I think you should check it out. It talks about just making at least 1 healthy choice a day will eventually lead to healthy habits :)!

  5. Just wanted to say I love reading your blog. You’re adorable! & I love the way you write. Cheers!

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