Roasted Veggie & Chickpea Quesadillas-Last Minute Fast Dinner

So…This is happening…

Well…It’s not happening, but it kind of is. We are merely just discussing and getting comfortable with everything,  along with trying to meet the specific potty training demands of our two year old.

She must wear her crown…

and she must have her croc shoes on.

Like, where does she come up with this?

To add to it she’s been more clothe-less lately due to the training, and our sweet neighbor so happened to stop on by when my child was bare.

Try talking to a friendly and sweet neighbor who brought over delicious bread while your noonie bum child runs wild getting her nakie bottom on every part of our house. “Come on over anytime! Promise I’ll clean and my child will wear clothes next time…”

By the end of the day I’m pretty tired, and i’m this close to laying down those wee wee pads that are used for dogs…

Did I mention I’m a really good mom?

Anyways end of the day means everyone is hungry for something filling, easy, fast, healthy, fast, and fast.

Because by the end of the day I’m…pooped.

Watch the Video for the recipe and details!

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  1. How funny! I have a friend whose daughter would always run around naked after using the restroom (while she was potty training), and she’d sing and dance a lot. It was hilarious. I think anyone who has had kids would understand.

  2. Thanks for this! I love how you so easily make dinner happen with the kids in the mix. I haven’t mastered that yet… My 2 year old is usually screaming for me to pick him up and my 4 year old is complaining that she wants “treats” for dinner LOL. Thank you for the wonderful and easy recipes, I have made quite a few through the madness 🙂 Keep ’em coming!

  3. Yum! that looks delicious!
    We are somewhat starting potty training but going full blown in two weeks. Our little guy is 20 months and decided he wanted to go on the potty sometimes… which has been a little frustrating at times so I we’re going to try the three day potty training method. Have you heard of it? Supposedly it works wonders!

  4. I made quesadillas recently too (butternut squash, chicken, & greens) but these look even better! Chickpeas- yum! I never would have thought of that.

  5. Yum thanks for sharing 🙂 I think everyone w kids understands that there are days (or months) where your child just run arounds naked… they love to be without clothes… not sure why?

  6. You are my hero! I’m due in September and am soaking up all of your quick mama tips!

  7. Those quesadillas sound amazing! I don’t have kids but that story is hilarious. My mom always tells everyone how I used to run through the house naked after bath time singing. Kids will be kids.

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