Creamy Avocado Taquitos

Most nights my husband request mexican for dinner.

How about lasagna?


Garlic Pasta?


Juicy Burgers?

-Had that for lunch

Chocolate Cake?

-Heck No

Something with salsa and cheese?

-Yes, now you’re thinking…

On top of that I’ve now got a 2 year old who learned that she can open the fridge door and pull out anything she would like, and now demands I serve her raspberries and chocolate milk on an hourly basis.

Sometimes I feel like saying, “You know what, if both of you don’t knock it off I’m going to bake a chunk of tofu and serve it to you with a side of ketchup!”

But of coarse I am the most patient and loving wife and mother there ever is…

So I make mexican, with a side of raspberries, and glass of cold chocolate milk.

Printable Recipe Here: Creamy Avocado Taquitos 

But if you see me posting a recipe in the future for baked tofu & ketchup…you will now know how that came about.

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  1. These would be awesome with black bean purée and cilantro lime dipping sauce! Nom!!

  2. If I was at your house I would be requesting Mexican for dinner every night too! Delish!

  3. These look amazing! Though I wouldn’t say no to a side of raspberries with them 🙂

  4. MMM yummy! thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I would totally eat Mexican food every night too! And raspberries and chocolate milk doesn’t dound so bad either… 🙂 I have yet to find a taquito that tastes wonderful, without the gluten or dairy. Those look really good though, and I will definitely be trying them!

  6. I love taquitos and I especially love that you gave a veg option! Will be trying thsese!

  7. Meghan O'Malley says:

    I made the black bean version last nite. Definite recipe keeper! So, simple and quick. And, tasted fab. I’m enjoying them for lunch, too! Although, I did a side of Mexican rice (simple recipe, too). Thanks for sharing!

  8. We made the vegan version of these tonight for dinner (black beans). We added black olives and smothered them in fresh salsa from the farmer’s market before diving in. So simple, quick, and delish! A definite keeper. We only had 5 tortillas left, so only used 1 avocado. Perfect for 2 people. Keep more vegan-friendly (and oil-free) recipes like this coming!

    • Love hearing this Sarah! If my husband didn’t hate olives so much I would add them to every meal! AndI bet that salsa tasted amazing! So fresh!


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  2. […] Recipe Plugin by EasyRecipe 3.5.3208 This recipe is similar to THIS Avocado Taquitos I posted a while […]

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