Chicken Spring Rolls with Crunchy Almond Butter Dipping Sauce

I’ve been asked a few times where I get inspiration to create some of my recipes. I wish I could say that it just pops in my head as I’m scrubbing the kitchen…(Scrubbing=Chocolate Crumbs=Chocolates Good= But Veggies are Good Too- CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI MUFFINS!!) Nope. Not that brilliant.

Honestly a lot of the food that’s published on this site has to do with memories.

There are moments in my life that I specifically remember the way a type of meal/food had tasted. I’m talking some of my earliest memories are triggered by my taste buds, like lemonade at my grandparents house.

Or throwing up a corn dog from Hot Dog on a Stick at 3 years of age…

I’m not sure if that means I was meant to be a food blogger all along, or if that I just had to learn early on that hot dogs are the nastiest thing on the planet. Either way, food and the way it tastes has always left an impression on me. Good OR bad.

This summer we took our, what felt like, first vacation in forever to the beautiful Hawaiin Islands. While there I ate a lot of food.

The end.

A lot of our time was spent relaxing by this beautiful pool at the hotel. By the pool was this restaurant that you could order drinks and food pool side. They had this milkshake there….

Every time we ordered food there I got these Chicken Spring Rolls. I’ve had spring rolls before, but these were so memorable. They were so refreshing with a touch of mint and super light, which made it nice when you are eating in your bathing suit.

Ever since then I’ve wanted to make them at home, but I HAVE NOT been able to find rice paper. I don’t know if the city of Las Vegas in anti-rice paper, but it just hasn’t happened. So in desperation I used egg rolls, but if you are lucky enough to live in a pro rice paper community then by all means, use it! It definitely adds to the ‘lightness’ of the dish.

(Note: If you use rice paper, don’t bake them! Just fill and enjoy!)

Printable Recipe Here: Chicken Spring Rolls with Crunchy Almond Butter Dipping Sauce

My husband and I fought over these, along with who could get more of the dipping sauce. I love when he approves of the food I make!

My picky three year old wasn’t thrilled about trying them since she has a problem with food that is touching, but she did love dipping her chicken in the sauce!

Now if only I could recreate the situation in which I first ate these spring rolls, well then…That would be awesome.



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  1. All your foods always looks sooo good!!!! By the way I made your brownies, they were really good. They tasted a lot like fudge! I recently, finally, made a brownie recipe that is really good as well. And really simple to make.

  2. Wow, these look delicious! I’m sad you were unable to find rice paper, these rolls would be tasty with rice paper. Are there any Asian food markets near by?

  3. Holy moly these look delicious!

  4. Almond Butter is amazing as a dipping sauce, I always use it with my thai spring rolls. But fall definitely calls for a warm variation, so I’d love to give yours a try!

  5. I read good things about SF Supermarkets, Greenland Supermarket, and 99 Ranch Market. If you do find them, I think you can freeze them too, so you could stock up on a few and have them on hand to use. Good luck in your hunt! 🙂

  6. These were delicious, however just a note…if you do use rice paper, make sure to spray your pan or grease it. I didn’t and my rolls stuck. They were still good, but they fell apart. I think when I make these next time, I won’t bake them if using rice paper. Delicious flavors and I could have drank the sauce right from a straw! Love your recipes!!

  7. Love it! So I found rice paper at my local market, is it weird that I totally want to mail you some?? Haha…but seriously.

  8. Do you know how many things I am about to use almond butter sauce on? Thank you for sharing.

  9. These are so good and I’ve made them once before but I can’t remember if I need to cook the chicken before I fill the rolls, or fill them raw?

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