The BEST (Healthier) Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Saying something is “The Best” basically makes me think…really??!! I mean, is it truly THE BEST or are you just saying that to rope me in and entice me? Are you a liar liar pants on fire, because if it’s honestly THE BEST well, that’s big. Huge. Crazy.

With that being said, these cookies really are…The Best.(I know..Really??) Let me just preface it by saying that The Best to me could be THE ultimate worst to someone else, and then you really will believe that I’m a big fat liar just trying to make friends. But if we have different levels of what taste good then maybe we should keep our relationship strictly frienemies. (Friends/Enemies). That’s probably best.

You see, my idea of the perfect cookie is soft and chewy with barely any bite or crispy-ness. But others might like a little crisp. I’ve just always loved that certain brand of tiny cookies that you can buy from the grocery store that are so soft and melt in your mouth perfect. After 7-8 of those, I swear all my problems go away.

So as I was playing around in the kitchen, trying to find a cookie that had whole grains, minimal (natural) sugar, healthy fats, and VEGAN, I almost screamed out loud as I took my first bite.

And lucky You (and me), my beloved camera is broken and I don’t have drool worthy pictures to convince you…(Insert sucky face here…)

But I filmed a VLOG for now, and as soon as my camera comes back I will do a post with drool worthy pictures!

I just couldn’t wait to share…



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  1. OMG, love the vlog. And loved the part where she grabbed the camera!!

  2. You two are seriously the cutest! Those cookies look delicious! Can’t wait to try them.

  3. Omg I need these in my life! These will easily be my new favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe!

  4. The cutest baking vlog I’ve ever seen! I love your spunky personality, and of course, the cookies look delicious!

  5. Such a fun video! Those cookies look amaze Ari

  6. Oh my goodness! I absolutely l LOVE chocolate chip cookies – even better when they are vegan! YUM! Great job with the Vlog!!

  7. YUUUMMMM! I love trying all kinds of chocolate chip cookies. I will be making these! They look amazing.

  8. You are so cute! Love the video and will be making these in the near future:)

  9. That was so sweet to watch! You are such an inspiration.

  10. They look perfect! Thanks for making them vegan :). Can’t wait to make these. And sweet pea is adorable!

  11. These look amazing! Can’t wait to try em out today. Think I could cut down the oil to 1/4 cup and replace the other half with apple sauce or more milk? Just to cut down a bit more on the fat?


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