Sea Salt Chocolate Cookies-Paleo Friendly


I’ve got a delicious Chocolate Cookie recipe for you today over on Venus Williams blog! It’s the perfect balance of sweetness with a hint of salt. It’s made with almond flour, which makes it paleo friendly. And it’s sweetened with bananas, and no other added sweeteners or sugars!

It’s the perfect cookie when you need to conquer that sweet tooth, and I think it would even make the perfect breakfast cookie topped with a little nut butter!

Head on over to Venus Williams Blog (Eleven by Venus) to get the recipe!



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  1. I went over the link and the recipe looks very straight forward and does sound and look very delicious! I do have one question. In the list of ingredients it mentioned chopped dark chocolate however in the directions it does not mention the dark chocolate. Am I missing something?

    • Ah! Yes! I will have them fix that,but you just fold in the chocolate after the batter is mixed, like chocolate chips! Thanks for catching that Rachel!

  2. Hi, first of all love your blog 🙂 Anyways, are these cookies made with unsweetened cocoa powder and how many cookies does the recipe make about?


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