Pumpkin Spice Bars

I caved…

I told myself that I would wait until at least October until I purchased my first can of Pumpkin Puree. But of coarse down at the end of practically every isle at the store sits a tower of Libby’s puree of Gold…

And then it seems like every time I’m on Pinterest there is either some incredible fall decor, painted and styled up pumpkins, or a recipe like this…Hello canoli, screw spinach!

So when it came to choosing what type of Pumpkin Recipe I wanted to try first, I decided started simple was best. Something easy with one bowl, one pan, and a crowd pleaser. One that you could bring to a fall or halloween party, and be like, “Yea…I made that. AND it’s healthy!”

And most likely people won’t like that it’s healthy, and go for that King Size Snicker Bar that the Smith family brought to the party, and then you are pissed.

So, moral of the story…Egg the Smith’s house.

(**For the buttermilk: You can use cows buttermilk, but to make your own dairy free kind just mix 2/3 c. coconut milk + 1 TB. Vinegar**)

Since my first Pumpkin Puree purchase, I’ve not stocked up at Costco…So I’ve got October through March covered…


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  1. Looks sooooo delicious!!


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