No Bake(Or Bake) Anytime Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Let’s count the number of times a day my daughter asks me for a cookie…

While we are at it, let’s also count the number of times a day that I WANT to be eating a cookie.

If you guessed the number 56, you are right. I’m assuming this is perfectly normal right?

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I mentioned putting together an Ecookbook of Kids Breakfast Foods. I’ve been working on recipes left and right, Β and yesterday I started working on breakfast cookies. I made three different kinds of cookies, and I ate about 2…plus 4.

I love anything quick that you can grab when you are running to the park, Β to the store, going on a road trip, etc. A sweet treat that’s filling and full of wholesome ingredients. It’s also the perfect treat for when you are watching grown men cry on the Bachelorette. That part has been tried and tested.

These started out as a No Bake treat, but I wanted to try it as a baked cookie as well. I’m going to state the obvi here and say that it’s not your traditional crunchy super sweet cookie like you might be used to. It’s thicker, full of oats, and sweetened with bananas and a touch of honey. You are more than welcome to add a little more sweetener too! πŸ™‚

It’s completely optional if you dip it in a jar of drippy creamy peanut butter…Actually that’s not an option. It’s a requirement. But watching a group of men and 1 woman experience an amazing roller coaster of emotions all for love IS an option…Shhhh…We all know that that’s a necessity as well.

Printable PDF Here:Β No Bake (Or Bake) Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s now 7 in the morning, so I think it’s safe to say…

Time for a cookie!!


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  1. Hi! I love your website. All your recipes are exactly the kind of flavors and ideas i like also.
    I will for sure try this. Check out my blog also!!

  2. These look fab–love that you can bake them or not bake them! PS–why does milk in a jar so darn cute next to a batch of cookies??

  3. always time for cookies!! πŸ™‚ mmm

  4. These look awesome – love the versatility of the bake or no-bake! I’m already craving and it’s barely 9 in the morning!

  5. Angie T. says:

    Oh My Goodness. I love you. That’s all I have to say about these cookies. πŸ˜‰

  6. I would have guessed 103, but 56 works too πŸ˜‰ And that ebook will be amazeballs for sure, especially if it’s filled with breakfast cookies.

  7. These are definitely next in line for recipes I need to make! The fact that I don’t have to turn on my oven to enjoy these is such a bonus too!

  8. I am right there with you! It’s never too early in the day for cookies. These look delicious!! I love how healthy they are and that you can eat them baked or unbaked.

  9. My mother-in-law made something like those but with cocoa

  10. Molly Valenti says:

    Hey Ari!
    I have followed your blog for several years now and have made a ton of your recipes. I love them! Sidenote: I wish your recipes were on the page with the pictures, and not a separate pdf sheet. Maybe I’m just lazy (probably am!), but I love being able to scroll down and see the recipe along with the pictures too on the same page.
    All that to say, I love your stuff and thought I’d let you know what I and a few friends of mine, who follow you too, thought. Keep up the amazing work! Btw, your little girls are adorbale!!!
    ~ Molly

    • Hi Molly!
      Thanks so much for sharing this with me. I actually agree with you, and I have thought about changing it! Thanks for your input, I will definitely consider it! πŸ™‚
      xoxoxo-Ari πŸ™‚

  11. These look soo delicious! I love that you said you ate 2… plus 4. Haha. I can definitely relate to that these days! I’m in the second trimester of my first pregnancy and developed a crazy and random sweet tooth. Before I was all about the salty foods, but now I’m just chowing down on all these sweets. I should definitely make these since I’m sure they’re healthier than chocolate cake. πŸ™‚

    Love your blog by the way! I’ve been reading for a while but I think this is my first comment. <3

    • Thanks for your first comment Meri!! I loved hearing from you, you’re incredibly sweet!
      Good luck and congrats on the rest of you pregnancy! Enjoy some chocolate cake too πŸ˜‰

  12. I would love to make these today! Is there any other flour I can substitute fir the WWPF? I don’t have it & I’m unable to go get it. I have coconut, spelt, WW, AP, almond flours…any of those work instead? Thanks!

  13. These look fantastic – I actually just went to the store to gather ingredients so I could make them myself πŸ™‚ Question – IF they aren’t all eaten first, how long would these keep for? And do you suggest storing them (both the baked and non-baked versions) in or out of the fridge?

    THANK YOU! So excited to give them a try.

    • The non baked version can be stored in the fridge, and the baked ones not in the fridge. Although, I like to always store my cookies in the fridge/freezer than warm them up in the microwave. It’s my favorite thing to do. Sometimes I’ll smear peanut butter on it.


  1. […] I only thought to share the recipe because I’ve made it the past few days (read Friday, Saturday, Sunday and I still have more bananas in the kitchen). Β Perfect for holiday mornings, make this and you’ll be making new friends left, right and center (and possibly earning even more lavish holiday gifts than you originally thought you’d receive). Β It’s also a Pinterest favorite, so the chances that everyone else is already eating them is high high high. […]

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