Meeting Mama Pea and Pumpkin Spice Bars

There are certain people in life that we look up to.

People that help us strive to meet our every day goals, give us the strength we need to continue, and a lot of times help us smile along the way.

I admit, some of the people I look up to are a little odd…

Jessica Simpson…Mary Kate and Ashley…I’ll just stop there.

Unfortunately I have never met any body really famous…Unless you consider Reggie Bush famous. I think I wanted to ask him to sign my shirt, but instead I asked if he wanted mine…In reality, we know Reggie Bush should never wear a shirt. What was I thinking?

So you can imagine my nerves when my friend Kristin(hey Stuft Mama!) told me a certain Mama was coming to town. Mama Pea that is.

I about died.

If there is one thing that this blog world has taught me, it’s that there are amazing people in this world who are brilliant, talented, smart, amazing, and doing their best to make the world a better, healthier place. Peas and Thank You was one of the first vegan blogs I started reading, and I’ll never forget staying up late at night nursing Boo and laughing hysterically reading the stories of the Pea family.

Since I had told my mom about her, and made a lot of her recipes for my very meat loving family(and they LOVED the vegan meals too!), I decided to bring them along to the event.

There were numerous food vendors offering samples galore of their products. Everything from desserts, breads, desserts, more bread, oh and vinegar and oil…

I could in no way pass this up. I plan to drink it straight from the bottle…

My brothers however were extremely excited for the sausage and pork vendors…

I had a slight panic attack that I would walk up to Mama Pea with my brothers behind me munching on a hugh jass piece of sausage…

Ummm..I don’t know them…

Luckily they never left the line.

As we walked around I began to get super nervous, and started to ramble off into my head as to what I would say to her.

” I love you?” No, too creepy.

“Can I come over for dinner. ” No, too stalker-ish.

” I love Mmmm Sauce!” …

Mmmm sauce=Cookbook=dangit I forgot it!!


Should I have her sign my shirt instead? Should I ask her if she wants my shirt?

All nerves aside, Baby Boo and I walked up to her booth and were instantly greeted with smiles.

There was Pumpkin Spice Bars, Smoothies, and Blueberry StreuselΒ muffins(from the book) so kindly awaiting for us.

And standing right beside was an ever so drop dead gorgeous Mama Pea who quickly greeted me!

I said, “Hi I’m Ari!”

And then I said this…

“I’ve tweeted you a few times…”

Omg…Seriously? Β Quick! Ask her to sign your shirt!

Luckily Mama Pea, Sarah, was so nice that I think she brushed it off, or didn’t notice…lol

She is stunning right?

Not to mention friendly and easy to talk to, despite myself being totally socially awkward.. πŸ™‚

After our little meet up, I had the opportunity of sitting through a kids cooking demonstration from Mama Pea, Lulu, and Gigi!

The stars of the show:

These girls!

They are everything and more! Their personalities shined through so much during the cooking demonstration! You truly can see why Mama Pea has so many amazing stories to tell!

For the cooking demonstration they made smoothies and blueberry streusel muffins! It was informative, entertaining, and delicious!

And of coarse they had samples!

This, of coarse was Baby Boo’s favorite part!

Afterwards, I said my goodbyes and said I would Tweet her, just kidding, and then left feeling extremely happy!

It was such a great experience to meet Sarah and experience first hand her passion for what she does. As I sat in the audience at the cooking show, I looked around at other moms thumbing through her cookbook in awe. You could just see the look in their eyes, and feel that they wanted so badly to feed their families healthier, and that this was an answer to prayers. Watching Mama Pea was so breathtaking, especially for me being practically a new wife and an extremely new mama, and see someone so amazing and talented touch the lives and influence others out there. Not to mention being an amazing wife and mama as well!

And it doesn’t hurt that she makes incredible delicious food!

One of the samples they had at the booth were these Pumpkin Spice Bars, which my mom and I LOVED. So the next day I made some for my mom to travel home with, minus the cream cheese frosting…

You see, I bought cream cheese, but I kind of bought the wrong kind…

French onion and pumpkin don’t go well together…right?

So I just made a simple glaze instead. Either way…

Pea-Riffic!! πŸ™‚

Thanks Mama Pea for your influence for healthy living, your incredible heart, and your stories that keep me smiling! I won’t ever forget it!

Now, will you please sign my shirt? πŸ™‚

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  1. So who is the stalker if I am the first one leaving a comment on a post about me? Oh my goodness, you could not have been sweeter. I love meeting you and your darling girl, and I am so completely flattered by all of your kind words. I want to send you a little something when I get home, so you must email me your mailing address. I’m very glad to have met you and really hope to live up to all the wonderful things you’ve said about me. Much love to you and your sweet family!

    • Awe thank you so much Sarah πŸ™‚ It helps to have such a great example to have to look up to!!
      Much love to your family as well!! You guys are truly amazing!

  2. What an awesome meetup! I had a birthday party to go to this afternoon so a trek up the Del Mar wasnt in the cards but how fun would that have been bumping into both you and Mama Pea and all the kiddos…and we all have little girls. But sigh, didn’t happen.

    The pumpkin spice bars look outta this world…and LOL on the french onion cream cheese πŸ™‚

  3. Oh man, I know, isn’t she just FABULOUS! I’m writing my post now! Soooo glad we got to meet her! Too bad we didn’t see each other (except for in the parking lot). ha ha!

  4. Tacha grenier says:

    how cool were can ya pick up her book would definitely love to have her book, need to get the hubby eating less meat, thanks arielle for always posting such great info and materials for use moms

    • Hey Tacha! you can buy it probably at any bookstore…But for sure online, through amazon. If you go to her website, she has a link to where u can buy her book!

  5. Too cool! I’m always telling people that chef’s are my rockstars – I could pass on meeting any movie star if I could only meet my cooking idols.

  6. I can not wait to meet her in November at foodbuzz!

    She is a wonderful, smart, and beautiful person!

    I am so glad you got to meet her! I would of been nervous too!

    I hope to meet you one day girl!

    • Yea! Lucky you are going to foodbuzz! That will be so much fun!
      I was so nervous to meet her too! πŸ™‚ But she was so kind and easy to talk to, all nerves go away!

  7. Oh lucky you! I was thinking about that event and how I wish I lived in California so I could go! Ah well…maybe next year I’ll take a trip down the west coast! Thanks for the post Ari – those pumpkin spice bars look delicious!

  8. So jealous and happy that you had the opportuinity to meet her. I have met several famous people but most of them at country music artists – I have friends in that little circle πŸ™‚

    Oh and as for Reggie Bush – well take it from the Louisiana gal….he is a little over-rated….just sayin! But he is cool to meet and talk to πŸ™‚

    • haha oh Reggie. I worked for USC football when I was in highscool, and he was playing at that time so he was well liked and everything. It was all before he got super famous lol…And I have never met any country artist before! Lucky girl!

  9. love sarah!!! i got to meet her at foodbuzz last year, lori hopes to meet her too one day. she is such an amazing lady, mother, and friend!

  10. umm YUM!! I am doing that…seriously..!!

  11. How lucky are you! I would love to meet Sarah. This summer my husband and I took a trip to Portland and I saw a big poster on a storefront where she was going to be doing a signing the following weekend. I got so excited and told my husband all about the pretty woman in the picture – and asked if we could come back to Oregon next weekend, haha πŸ™‚

  12. Omg how amazing that you met Sarah!! Love all the pics πŸ˜€

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