Nailed It : Laundry

Let’s talk about laundry.

I LOATHE laundry.

Nope. Scratch that. I HATE laundry.

I feel bad because I think it’s one of those things I should have told my husband before he married me. But I didn’t.


See that pile on the bed? It’s clean. Clean-ish.

That pile was washed a week ago. It’s been in a pile for a week on the bottom of my bed/on the floor. Need a shirt? Look in that pile. Need new undies? The pile.

See that laundry basket behind The Pile? That’s dirty laundry, SPILLING over the top.

Why does laundry hate me so much?

Do you see the time on the clock? You can’t really tell but it says 2:57, in the afternoon. That’s right. 3 in the afternoon and I haven’t even thrown a dirty load of laundry into the wash. NOT ONE.


I could blame the children.

I mean, after all I have been taking care of 3 kids under 4 all day…You know what? It’s all their fault! But I also hated/had issues with laundry B.C. (before children), so I guess it’s technically not their fault. Which only means one thing…

Nailed it! Nice one me, nice one…



And Then There Were Three…

It’s amazing how you don’t think that life could get any better, or that you could share your heart any more, but as soon as we welcomed our 3rd sweet baby girl everything changed. I feel so incredibly  blessed!

Life with 3 girls…where do I begin?

I read this quote some time ago and I think it states perfectly how I feel…

The Happiest State of Human Existence Is to Love Someone More Than You Love Yourself.”









Trust me friends…That is truly where Happiness lies.


Thank you all So much for your kind words, comments, tweets, emails, instagram hellos, etc.! I feel the LOVE so much! I’ve been busy snuggling my little angel and I appreciate the patience. I’ve also been working on The Diva Dish E-book Breakfast Cookbook! I just need to tackle a few more recipes.

I do need a creative Hashtag to go with the book, so if anyone can think of one I am willing to send someone a ‘prize’ :).



Love your family & Love your friends! Happy Tuesday!

Sunday Dinner : Before Baby

I think there is a 6th sense roaming about our household. Each one of us in our own way knows that the 5th member of our family will soon be here, and well….

Each one of us is handling the situation differently.


My girls personalities have completely switched, but I’ve still managed to have one ‘out to get me’ child, and ‘one that really must love me’ child.

My husband has been teaching my girls how to punch, fight, kick, and play sports non stop. I think he is starting to feel how little power he really is going to have living in a house with 7 women.

7 because I count as 3 women total. That’s right. I’ve fully embraced the last stage of my pregnancy with more than enough hormones to the point where I cry over missing shoes and hugs from my littles.

And I cried at like every super bowl commercial.

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish


We also just finished up the last of our ‘major’ kitchen projects before the baby comes! The minor things will come later, but my husband told me we have to pay our mortgage so…

After two weeks of being unable to use my kitchen, it felt nice to have a peaceful Sunday just enjoying my little family of 4 before we add one more!

We made lemonade, chicken +pasta, rolls, and chocolate. The recipes/links to recipes will be at the end of this post!

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva DishSunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish

Sunday  Dinner; The Diva Dish



I feel like it’s a calm before the storm, because guess what, we are naming our baby Storm.

Totally kidding.

…But more like, we will be lucky if we change out of our pajamas and do productive things after she arrives. Sorry hubs. And sorry kids. And sorry kitchen floors. And sorry hair…You won’t be washed often.


Here are the recipes from our Sunday Dinner:

Strawberry Lemonade (Just water, no sparkling water)

Chicken Piccata + Parsley Pasta

Parmesan Italian Herb Rolls= Frozen Dough Rolls topped with melted coconut oil, grated Italian herbs, and freshly grated parmesan. Baked at 400 for 16 minutes in a greased cast iron skillet.

Salad= Not pictured, but it was just lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, apples, goat cheese, almonds, and dressing.

Brownies= Boxed w/ homemade frosting. (Melted chocolate chips, coconut oil, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk)


Life/Baby/Blog Update!

I’ve needed to do a Life/Baby/Blog update for quite sometime, so I decided to do a little video blog to fill you guys in :). So much easier than writing a whole blog post, I must say!

By the way, recording myself talk about…myself…Just awkward. Luckily I had a very talkative 4 year old right by my side!

Seriously though friends…Thank you! I love this blog and I consider you guys my BFF’s :).

My Imperfectly Perfect Life

I have to tell ya…Hitting the “New Post” button on my blog felt SO weird and comforting at the same time. I’ve really missed opening my computer and sharing my love of health, with a little glimpse of my crazy beautiful life, and my overly dramatic personality…

It’s been too long my friends. Way too long.


Someone close to me recently told me that I portray myself having this perfect life in my posts/FB statuses/Instagram, but in reality my life isn’t so. Like I’ve been fake…It was a little bit of an “ouch…really?” I feel like I’ve tried to be as real as I can on social media and my blog post. I think I have done my best to share the good most definitely, but I also feel that I’ve been open with sharing some of the bad and the ugly. (We are entitled to some privacy right?) :)

I know that social media can be a place where we don’t always show the reality of life, but I’ve always looked at this blog and my social media outlets as a place of positivity.  A place of comfort, strength, passion, common ground for others, and definitely a place of reality.

So that had me thinking, and since then I’ve been eager to share a little bit of reality of my well…Imperfectly Perfect life.


It’s been about a month since I’ve been present here on The Diva Dish, and before that I was touch and go. Truth is my friends, we all have touch days/months/years. Times where it’s like, “Ok, can I really take much more?!” Times where we think everything is falling apart and there is NO way we can pick ourselves.

This has been one of those years.


There has been a lot of loved ones lost this year, a lot of financial difficulties, relationships have been tried and tested between family members, friends, and my marriage. I’ve felt alone, lost, and even like a terrible mother and wife. I’ve seen loved ones struggle more than ever before, and I’ve been hurt by people who I respected and loved.


There is always a but!


I’ve also been blessed so much. I was able to get pregnant and continue to stay at home and raise my two baby girls. I’ve had many opportunities to see prayers answered by my loving Heavenly Father when I most needed them. I’ve learned the true value of friendship, and have seen many serve and sacrifice to help myself and my family out in many ways. I’ve learned that there is nothing better than a phone call of comfort from my mom or dad. And I have never felt closer to God than I do now…

I’ve become a lot stronger and so much more confident in myself than ever before, something which I’ve struggled with for a while. I know that I can do hard things, and I am doing the best I can to be a great mother, wife, friend, and woman.


Why am I sharing this?

Not just to say that my life isn’t perfect, because I know that I’ve expressed that before.

What I really wanted to share was that life can be extremely difficult. We all go through things unimaginable, and no trial compares. It’s easy to get wrapped up in other peoples lives, thinking that their grass is greener (or their house is cleaner!)

But even in times of darkness, there is light. I’ve learned this so much this year. Even if it’s just a smile and an “I wove you!” from my two year old, or an “I’m so happy mom!” from my 4 year old. There IS light. Some days there will be more than others…But I know that we are strong, we are loved, and that no one is living a fairy tale.

More of like a broadway show, ya know :)!


There will be multiple days of messy houses, laundry piles for DAYS, tantrums, toys on the floor, (and even some food!) And there will be nights where we order a pizza and eat three slices with ranch dressing and not feel bad about it..(And then have a bowl of rice krispies later that night!)


And then there will be times where our world is turned upside down. Times where we fall and we don’t really want to get up, and we need help.

It’s so important to love others because we really don’t know what burdens others are carrying. Look for opportunities to serve and love others…


And look for times where there is a little (or a lot) of light…


I love you my friends and I’m grateful you have stuck with me this far during this year. I love this blog and I love all those who have supported me! Please know that despite the challenges this year has brought, we are doing GOOD! We are so blessed in more ways than we can count!

I’m so happy it’s the Holiday season! I can’t wait to eat more pumpkin and have hot chocolate by a sparkly christmas tree! With a large pile of laundry next to me of coarse :)!

Do You Want To Build A Sand Castle?!

Beach Bums, The Diva Dish,

Beach Bums, The Diva Dish,

Beach Bums, The Diva Dish,

Beach Bums, The Diva Dish,

Beach Bums, The Diva Dish,

Beach Bums, The Diva Dish, http://thediva-dish.comBeach Bums, The Diva Dish,

Beach Bums, The Diva Dish,

Beach Bums, The Diva Dish,

Beach Bums, The Diva Dish,

Beach Bums, The Diva Dish,

Beach Bums, The Diva Dish,

Beach Bums, The Diva Dish,

Beach Bums, The Diva Dish,

Ever since moving away from California, we haven’t really played in the sand. (Unless you consider the Desert Sand mixed with rocks, then yes. Every day.) We miss it so much, and we will be calling this our home for the next week! This couldn’t have come at a better time with our busy and crazy lifestyle. Sometimes we just need to take time and relax…And drink milkshakes.

Have you ever been to New Port Beach, California? What are your favorite activities? More importantly, where are the best places to EAT? :) We did the Crab Cooker, which was an old family favorite, but I would love to hear more of your ideas!

Pirate & Pixie Birthday Party

My plan was to have this post up two weeks ago…

But if you follow me on social media, you know that we just bought a house (WOO HOO!), but we had two weeks to be out of our rental and move and clean everything (Boo!!).

This year for the girl’s birthday I really wanted to keep it simple, unlike THIS one…or THIS one…or THIS one…

But I have this problem where I like to plan parties for little kids who won’t remember it and spend a lot of money and make it cute…I blame pinterest. So this year I halved-it. I did some cute decor, a few games, but I still kept it simple and had the party at the park and let the kids run wild on the play ground.

I have to say, it felt good to take it easy and not put TOO much stress into it! I think next year will be even more relaxed!

After all…I should save my stress (and money) for the three weddings I’ll have to plan in the years down the road right??

The girls really wanted a Tinkerbell Party this year, but they have a lot of boy friends and I figured fairy wings and wands weren’t really up their ally. So we changed it to Pirate and Pixie! I loved this theme so much, you really could have so much fun with it!

Pirate & Pixie Party-The Diva Dish,

Pirate & Pixie Party-The Diva Dish, Pirate & Pixie Party-The Diva Dish,

Pirate & Pixie Party-The Diva Dish,

Pirate & Pixie Party-The Diva Dish,

Pirate & Pixie Party- The Diva Dish

Pirate & Pixie Party- The Diva Dish

Pirate & Pixie Party- The Diva Dish

Pirate & Pixie Party- The Diva Dish

Pirate & Pixie Party- The Diva Dish

Pirate & Pixie Party- The Diva Dish

Pirate & Pixie Party- The Diva Dish

Pirate & Pixie Party- The Diva Dish

Pirate & Pixie Party- The Diva Dish

Pirate & Pixie Party- The Diva Dish

Pirate & Pixie Party- The Diva Dish

Pirate & Pixie Party- The Diva Dish

Pirate & Pixie Party- The Diva Dish

Here are some party details:

Food: (We had a lot of adults/family too!)

Pirate Booty


Orange ‘pirate boats’ (Saw this on pinterest too! Not sure where it originally came from though.)

Garden Salad-Kale salad from Costco, which is my FAVORITE!

Berry Marshmallows in cups


Tinkerbell cupcakes- I used my Cricut machine to cut flowers and designs for the toppings

Pirate Cupcakes


Fans/Lanterns (

Utensils/Straws/Plates/Napkins etc. (


Walk the plank

Pirate Hook Ring Toss (Not sure where this idea came from, but it’s all over pinterest)


Playing at the park


I just love being a mommy to my two darling baby girls, and every year I get a little sad that they are growing up! So grateful to have them in my life!

Thanks again for your patience friends! Love you all so much!


Pregnancy #3-Update/All About

Oh my Heavens!! Where do I begin?!


(12 weeks Pregnant. I’ve grown since then!)

First of all, THANK YOU for all of the love, support, congrats, and sweet wishes from all of you! Our little family and this baby bump of mine feel so loved! I feel so blessed in so many ways!

When my second little girl was born, I vowed right there on the hospital table that I wasn’t going to do it ever again. Not because I didn’t love babies, but because that pregnancy/labor was so hard I swore to myself and everyone around me that we were done.

I gave away ALL…yes all…of my baby stuff. (Minus a few memorable items.) I was content with my decision and moved on with life as a mom of two little divas.

But then…

I saw a baby.

Seriously, that was all it took. Our neighbor had a baby and all of the sudden I had baby fever. I felt that there was another little angel in our life that needed to be with our family. I told my husband about it and he looked at me shocked and confused each time. Yes, there were multiple times we talked about babies. Finally, at one moment, we both felt it was right and well…I don’t need to explain more do I?

So far, this pregnancy has been INCREDIBLY DIFFERENT and similar all the same. (Which is why we were convinced it was a boy….)

With each of my pregnancies, I always know immediately. It’s a weird thing to explain, but I just always know. This one started out incredibly easy, to the point where I started to disbelieve what the FOUR pregnancy test were telling me. I had NO symptoms…Not one. Usually I’ll have a few right off the bat, but this time I had nothing.


Don’t worry…they showed up.

Around week 8 it hit me.

Nauseousness. Throwing up Every.Dang.Day. (Still pretty much am.). Headaches, fatigue, and did I mention my hate towards food?! This has been pretty similar with both my pregnancies, but food does not sound good. The look, texture, feel, smell, anything will turn me off. EVEN CHOCOLATE!!!! Some days I can stomach a certain food, and some days I can’t. It has made things difficult because I feel like I’m not getting all the nutrients I need. I wish I was being dramatic, because let’s be honest, I usually am…

But I swear the other day I bit into a carrot that didn’t taste so good, I went to spit it out, and the act of well…doing that…made me loose my lunch. I also heated up soup in the microwave, and that did it for me too…I’m hoping the further along I get, the better I can eat. I really do miss food…

As for my exercise, the beginning of my pregnancy when I felt amazing, I was kicking butt. As soon as the vomiting started, my exercise pretty much stopped. It was hard feeling like I was in a car 24/7, loosing the food I did eat, and taking care of two very active girls. It’s gotten a bit easier since then, so I’ve been taking it slow with my stationary bike and walks. If there is one thing I’ve learned in pregnancy, it’s that exercise makes pregnancy and labor definitely easier, but pushing your self is never a smart thing. Just do the best you can, even if it’s slow. Any movement is good.


I also nap pretty much every day, especially when I felt car sick. My laundry is rarely done, the dishes are pilled high, and my kids lived off TV and macaroni and cheese for a while as a laid down for the majority of my day. My poor husband came home to quite the scene every day from work. Luckily he loves me OH SO MUCH, so it was all good ;)!

I have to add that I know pregnancy in general can be a sensitive subject to others, especially those who have struggled with loss and infertility. It’s hard to say this but a majority of my friends are suffering from these problems, and it’s a horrible struggle to go through. I am so grateful for each one of these people in my life, they have been such amazing women to my daughters by loving, teaching, playing, and caring for them. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to do the things I am able to do, but please know that with those that struggle my heart is always with you! We are all mothers in our own way, whether we bare children or not, I truly believe that.


Thank you again friends for your love & support! I plan to do a series of post of the foods I HAVE been craving, and what I’ve done to make them more healthier! (For example, a ranch salad…Sounds so good right now!)

Love you all!!


We’ve been keeping a secret…

We’ve been keeping a rather large secret for a very long time…








We are expecting another BABY GIRL in February, 2015!

A post will follow soon with all the details :)!

Why I Took A Break From Blogging

(This is me…finally BLOGGING…)

Photo on 8-13-14 at 3.50 PM

It’s been a good month or so since I’ve put effort into this little site. I’ve always called this blog my third child, and well, I’ve failed in the mom department on that one.

There are probably 47 reasons that I justified myself in taking a break for a while, and although I won’t share all 47 of them, I know it’s important to share a few.

I consider you guys my Blamily. (Blog/Family) And Blamily members don’t just leave for a month without an explanation.

Now…I’d like to get a little personal for a second.

I needed a Break.

I’ve never considered this blog a chore. Ever. I look forward to cooking, creating, writing, and connecting. It’s truly a passion of mine.


I lost my spark and passion for a bit, I won’t lie. I think we all go through that with our dreams. It’s not that we completely loose them, but I think it’s more of a growth period that determines more of what we’d like and how we would like to accomplish it. It’s a period where we have to take a step back, breath, look at everything from a different view, and eventually come back stronger.

Honestly, I was frustrated. My life was incredibly busy at the moment, and I couldn’t put my whole heart into the blog.

Then, I began noticing people were jacking my style” so to speak on recipes and ideas that I had worked HARD on. I would see others share them in their own light, and receive more recognition that I had. FRUST.RATE.ING.

I started to get frustrated even more because I felt like I couldn’t keep up with everything. Social media, recipes, ideas, pictures, and more importantly LIFE.

Then my computer broke, I lost all of my pictures from my ebook that I had been working on (and videos/pics of my children!), my personal life was going though some things, it was 150 degrees and I NEVER wanted to cook, and my neighbors best friends boy friends cat died….


I realized it was time for a break. Time to breath, and time to rethink some things. I knew if I was ever going to be where I wanted to be with this blog, I needed to take a step back and re-focus.

I also needed to focus on my personal life. Being a mom/wife/blogger isn’t easy, and trying to make everything perfect and ‘Leave It To Beaver’ like just ain’t happening. (No matter what pinterest tells you.)


I’ve had a lot of time to think, refocus, and prioritize. I’m sure there will still be some hiccups, but I’m excited to be back and share with you life, happiness, craziness, and healthy-ness. (Word?)

Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for not giving up on me.

Now…Go hug your family.