Date Muffins w/ Strawberry Whipped Cream Frosting…AND Funfetti Cupcakes!!

Every year my husband request the same cake for his birthday, which is funfetti.

No, not a really moist and fluffy homemade one from scratch, but the boxed one from pillsbury. (It HAS to be the boxed one.) And if your wondering if I get to at LEAST make some delicious homemade frosting on top, you are wrong.

He likes this canned whipped strawberry one that taste like rubber.

I’m not dissing on boxed cake mixes, after all one of my favorite cake comes from a box, but the funfetti for some reason taste funky. You would think that I would love funfetti since I have a whole rubbermaid in my garage full of sprinkles, but It just doesn’t make me all hot n’ bothered like most desserts usually do…

But alas, being the perfect wife that I am, I make him that funfetti cake every year.

This was the cake I made during our first year of marriage:

And here is this years:

There are a few years of cakes missing, for some reason those photos are…gone.

Baby Boo helped me frost the cake this year, and during the process I asked if she wanted to lick the knife from the frosting. After doing so she gave me the knife back and told me, ” No mommy, I don’t want it.”

If my almost two year old who even finds broccoli tasty thinks that this particular canned frosting is un-edible, well then sweet hubby…

Enjoy your rubber.

Baby Boo and I will be busy licking the beaters of something a little more tasty than that of the tires of a car…

Date Muffins with Strawberry Whipped Cream Frosting

Makes 12 muffins

*My goal when making these muffins and frosting was so keep them whole grain, naturally sweetened, and dairy free. It’s the perfect sweet treat for when you want that ‘cupcake’, but don’t want to be brought down with a processed sugar overload. They are perfect for breakfast, especially with a big glass of chocolate milk!*

Ingredients: (For Muffins)

2/3 c. non dairy milk+ 1/4 c. non dairy milk + 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar to make buttermilk

2/3 c. date puree (you can also sub banana puree)

1/3 c. melted coconut oil

2 tsp. vanilla extract

1 c. spelt flour (or white whole wheat)

1/ 3 c. whole wheat pastry flour

1tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. baking soda

pinch of salt

Ingredients: (For Frosting)

1 can full fat coconut milk

2 TB. strawberry puree

1 TB. date puree

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 tsp. almond extract


1. (Assemble frosting first) Open can of coconut milk and cover with plastic wrap. Place can in fridge, so it can begin to thicken. Let set over-night or a couple hours. (You can also set in the freezer for 30 minutes and it will harden quickly!) The next day, or whenever the coconut milk has hardened on top) scoop out coconut milk and place in bowl. (Only scoop out thick coconut cream, and not the liquid underneath. You can save the liquid for future baking or cooking.) Beat coconut cream with purees and extracts until combined. Place back in the fridge until muffins are ready to be frosted.

2. For the muffins: Preheat oven to 325. In a medium bowl mix buttermilk, date puree, oil, and vanilla. Stir until combined. In a separate bowl whisk together dry ingredients. Stir in wet ingredients until combined. Don’t over mix. Pour batter into prepared cupcake/muffin liners and bake for 30-35 minutes, until center comes out clean and is cooked all the way through.

3. Leave cupcakes in pan to set for about 5 minutes, then take them out on wire rack and let them sit for about 10 minutes. Once cupcakes are completely cool, add a dollop of the whipped cream frosting. Top with chopped strawberries, or chocolate shavings. Enjoy!

Funfetti Version:

Although these aren’t as airy as a cupcake, adding a few (natural) sprinkles into the batter and on top made for an awesome treat for Baby Boo in the afternoon. She was so excited to be eating a “cupcake!” It’s a great treat for kiddos, and perfect for not giving them that sugar overload! 😉

-Fold in 1/4 c. sprinkles into batter after all the ingredients have been mixed together. Once cupcakes are done, you can sprinkle a few on top of the frosting.

Side note: Eating sprinkles by the handful is perfectly fine, despite what others may say…

Just make sure you don’t knock down buildings and cupcake displays to get to those sprinkles….

Happy Birthday Hubby!

I hope your wishing that your cake taste better than a wet suit!

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  1. haha “enjoy your rubber” too funny!
    cake looks amazing! birthdays are the best!

  2. Alicia S says:

    Yum!!!! This looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it!

  3. Omg these funfetti cupcakes looks amazing!! <3

  4. aww love that last pic of your husband and baby boo, so cute. Is date puree literally just dates pureed in the food processor?

    • thanks Emilie! Yes, Date puree is just pureed dates! In the recipe, I have a link to a post I did on how to puree them so they are super smooth. Hope that helps! I use date puree for a lot of things!

  5. Yum! I love that you disguised muffins as cupcakes – honestly, it’s the visual appeal that makes most of us feel like we’re having a treat, which is why so many people having huge cakey muffins from Starbucks really think they’re having something healthy. It’s all marketing! That’s the appeal behind sprinkles too – they make everything feel indulgent and special!

    When I was growing up funfetti was my absolute fave too. Now I just imagine how gross I would feel after all that sugar! Thanks for the alternative :).

    • haha Our minds our so funny! And I swear I used to like funfetti too, but now I don’t, lol. I am not sure what happened, but it’s not my fav for sure :)!

  6. Oh, wow. Looks delicious! I love your pics. They are so colorful & beautifully taken!

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