Toddler Christmas Breakfast

Every child, and do I dare say even I, love to wake up on Christmas morning excited for the day’s festivities!

The spirit of surprise, celebrating our Savior, families fighting over who really has the best recipe for that family favorite dish, and hoping that your husband got you something shiny instead of something that goes vroom and sounds like/is a vacuum. It’s all a beautiful and memorable time!


A long with Christmas comes sugarplums and food comas, and visions of ‘I shouldn’t have eating 587 of grandma’s homemade rolls’ dancing in your head. Christmas morning is always a treat, whether it’s sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, mile high pancakes, or a pan crackling with bacon. Everybody enjoys a great meal after opening presents!

Whether you want to indulge all the way or dip a carrot in some spinach dip and call it good, it’s almost a necessity that the food be fun, enjoyable, and especially as memorable as your grandmothers rolls.

GREEN SMOOTHIES: Coconut water/milk, handful of spinach, dollop of PB, banana, sweetener of choice, & Ice. (For a chocolate minty version, add fresh mint leaves along with cocoa powder!)

SNOWMAN PANCAKES: THIS recipe. Along with an apple hat, carrot nose, chocolate chip eyes/mouth, and blueberry buttons. Don’t forget the Coconut Milk Maple Whipped Cream for the scarf and snow!

CANDY CANE FRUIT: All that’s needed is one banana and a handful of raspberries or chopped strawberries. Form into a stripped candy cane! (Also seen Here.)

Don’t forget to have your littles close their eyes!

(Ignore that Sweet Pea is wearing Halloween Pumpkin Pajamas…)


Then after breakfast comes more eating, buttered rolls, and unbuttoned pants…

Don’t you just love Christmas? 🙂

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  1. YES!! I soooo much love LOVE LOVEEEE Christmas! And green smoothies! 🙂
    Can barely wait for Christmas. Meanwhile, I’m making a list with what I want to cook for Christmas…I’m thinking about some nuts cookies with cinnamon and some other goodies…


  2. LOVE your snowman pancake and fruit candy cane idea!!
    thanks for sharing!! I will try these out this year for my LO 🙂

  3. This got me so excited for Christmas morning! I love that you put green smoothies in there. The holidays are always my excuse from taking a break with eating so healthy. Even still, its nice to see some healthy recipes among all the sugar madness this month!
    Love the idea with the candy canes, too!

  4. Those snowman pancakes are adorable!! I can’t wait to hear how your Disney trip went!!!

  5. too cute!! I love it all, great idea to do for kids


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