Taste The Rainbow Fruit Parfait!


I kind of feel like St. Patricks Day is my least favorite holiday.

Obviously any excuse to eat a bowl of Lucky Charms with green milk is a fantastic holiday, but the idea of wearing green bothers me. I remember being in middle school and making my dad rush me to the nearest store to find some hideous green t-shirt because EVERYONE would be wearing green  at school the next day and I didn’t have ANY green shirts. (Was that a run-on sentence?)

I still don’t.

Do people even wear green shirts?

I wish I could say that my children don’t know what Lucky Charms are, but sadly grandma and grandpa have taken care of that. And I’m not going to lie and say Lucky Charms are horrible and unhealthy and no one should ever eat them because, well…Marshmallows for breakfast?! Come on!! That sounds amazing…

When are they going to come out with Lucky Charms made with JUST dehydrated stale marshmallows?!

This is a healthy lifestyle blog.BTW.

With the holiday soon approaching, I could obviously share many ‘Green’ recipes, but this year I want to focus on the rainbow! For some reason when a plate is full of color and vibrant foods, it becomes all that more appealing. (At least to me and my babies.) This first ‘rainbow’ food post is all about fruit, and tomorrow I’ll post a recipe made with veggies! I’ve got both your bases covered!

The idea of this rainbow fruit parfait is that it’s topped with white clouds and a sprinkle of gold, because gold is found at the end of every rainbow! The fruit is interchangeable, and if you have more time you could make the shape of a rainbow on a plate. As for the white clouds, I used greek yogurt for added protein. You could easily use a non dairy yogurt or a whipped coconut milk cream! Yummmmm!


Rainbow Fruit Parfaits
Prep time
Total time
Taste the Rainbow!
  • Rainbow colored assorted fruit
  • Greek yogurt mixed with honey-or non dairy yogurt, or coconut milk whipped cream
  • gold sprinkles
  1. Arrange the fruit by color in a shallow glass. (You can also arrange in the shape of a rainbow.
  2. Add a dollop of your 'clouds', or cream on top, followed by gold sprinkles.
  3. Serve immediately.
  4. (If wanting to make ahead, don't add the greek yogurt or cream until it's ready to be served!)

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m almost tempted to buy a St. Patty’s day t-shirt at Walmart. Do you think the other moms will be wearing them too?? I hate feeling left out…


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