Strong Green Drink

“Look MaMa…NO hands!”

“AHH Baby Boo! Don’t Fall!”

“YUM Mama this door stop is DeLiCiOus!”

“Ew Don’t eat that! How did you get that off?!?”

“Hey Baby Boo, have you seen my Lens Cap anywhere..?”

“Baby Boo don’t eat the camera!”

“Are you hungry Baby Boo..?!?”

Mama’s not hungry…

Mama needs a drink!

Make it a strong one…

Strong Green Drink

It’s going to take alot of convince you that you should try this.

It’s not for the faint of heart.

It’s got alot of strong ingredients in it.

But its my FaVoRiTe green drink.

I know I say that often, but I mean it this time.


2 Large Grapefruits

If you like grapefruit, you will most likely love this drink. Alot of the taste comes from the juice of this tangy and somewhat sour fruit…

haha somewhat… =]

1 Green Apple

Another sour taste to add to this concoction. Like I said..

I might have to beg you to try this…

Especially after you add:

2-3 Stalks of Kale

I’m going to be honest.


2 Stalks of Red Chard

I’m just going to keep on writting okay..=]

2 Stalks of Collard Greens


A Handful of Spinach

Oh, and if you want…

You can add 2 tsp. of your sweetener of choice. (I.E. agave, maple syrup…)


1. You will need a juicer for this

2. Juice all ingredients, until you get a foamy green deliciousness!

Ok, so I’m gonna be real for a second here.

My first thought was…NaStY..

And it’s not like I am afraid of Green Drinks…

I’m just used to them having things like coconut milk and bananas that mask the taste of the greens.

But when I took a sip of this Strong Green Drink…

I suddenly became fearful…Because I realized I was Ok to drink my greens without using other ingredients to mask the taste.

Because it was, how do I put this appropriately..


I can’t explain how…

I’m not that smart…

“Hey Baby Boo, you want some?!”

“Baby Boo…

Baby BOO..”

Oh, now you want to take a nap…

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  1. That baby is too precious. I would try your green drink if I had a juicer. Maybe that would be a good excuse to buy one:)

  2. Marie R says:

    I’m way behind the curve, but I finally tried this today. I won’t lie at first I was cringing, but as soon as I actually tasted it I was amazed. It was delicious just like you promised! Wonderful juice recipe, thank you!


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