My Favorite Fresh Green Juice Recipe!

There once was a time when I visited a local restaurant 3 times a week.

I was massively pregnant, and practically everyone in the restaurant knew us by name and had our order memorized.

The Yellow Deli was like visiting Disneyland for me. Only I didn’t have to save 6 years to visit there, and instead I could buy the most amazing tasting waffle ever for only a few bucks. Everything was fresh, came from their farm, and I swear they put some type of addicting additive in their food…

The bread, the bars, the the salads, sandwiches, my favorite veggie burger…And let’s not forget THE MOST delicious tasting Green Juice.

I’ve tried many fresh squeezed green juices at a lot of different restaurants, but this one actuallyย tasted good. It was sweet, tart, and you really had no idea you were drinking chard, kale, or spinach. I’ve tried to recreate it multiple times, but I for some reason could never get the ratios right.

Recently I gave it another shot and let my husband take the first sip just in case I failed bad…

“You did it babe!” I jumped up and down and then said, “Yes! Now I just need to recreate everything else on their menu that way we don’t have to move back!”

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My Favorite Fresh Green Juice Recipe!
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If you are fond of grapefruit, then this juice has your name written all over it! It's the perfect combo of sweet and tart, along with packing in veggies and a lot of energy. Make sure all your ingredients are super cold, and don't forget to have a frozen glass sitting in the freezer ready for you to drink out of :-)!
Recipe type: The Best Tasting Fresh Green Juice
Serves: 1
  • ⅛ c. chilled Yerba Mate Tea sweetened with agave nectar (or your choice)
  • 1¼ grapefruit
  • handful of spinach
  • handful of kale
  • 1 large swiss chard leaf
  • lemon slices
  1. Add Yerba Mate to a glass. Having is sweetened is important, otherwise the juice will taste a little funky.
  2. Juice all the ingredients into that glass, minus the lemon, until done.
  3. Add fresh juice to frozen glass and serve with a lemon slice.


If you want a step by step explanation on how to make this juice, I’ve filmed a little tutorial for you. A few notes before you watch the film:

-Both kid were sleeping so I’m talking super funny because I don’t want them to hear me.

-I apologize for acting completely and totally awkward.

Have a great day!

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  1. love having grapefruit in our juices, but lately our bodes are not liking grapefruit ๐Ÿ™
    juice looks heavenly!!

  2. Sounds like an awesome restaurant! I’m loving this juice recipe. So refreshing and healthy! Yum!

  3. Another reason to buy a juicer!! I have not tried the tea or swiss chard in a juice but they sound great! Since I don’t have a juicer, maybe I could use this recipe as a smoothie? Would you change anything to this if I just blended everything up? Or better yet, do you have any suggestions for juicers and what to buy when I decide to get one?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Cause getting one is on my list! Oh, and love the outtakes at the end!

    • I bet you could do this as a smoothie, maybe add some ice and a frozen banana? And I would just blend it all up!
      As for my favorite juicer, I currently have a jack lalanne juicer and it works great. My mom has the top rated breville juicer and I think they are benefits to both, but going cheaper will definitely not hurt :-).

  4. Angie T. says:

    Great video, so cute! I love the music ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for making me smile on an otherwise crappy day. We have the same juicer! Since I’ve been preggo, I can’t stomach the green juices but I can’t wait to get back to them after baby is out ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thank you Angie! Totally understand stomaching green juices being so hard while pregnant. I swear veggies and salads were the most revolting thing to me when I was prego :-)!

  5. Natalie says:

    I found your blog through another one and I am SO glad I did!, Your recipes are fantastic and your stories are precious!
    We have a 19 month old little boy, so it’s fun to use your kiddo friendly recipes also!!

  6. Cindy Auler says:

    I have to limit grapefruit. Would a couple of oranges substitute well?

  7. I’m drooling for some green juice now after seeing your video!!! SO refreshing and delicious! I was a raw vegan for more than 1 year and I know that fresh green juices are the base!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Kisses and HUGS dear mummy,

  8. Hi Arielle,
    I have a quick question….I am not familiar with teas and rarely buy them so I am wondering where you buy that brand of tea? Thank you! I love your blog.

  9. I just had their Green Juice today. Love it! I found your site looking to make it myself. Can’t wait to try later today. Your video was so cute and informative. I think I just found a new blog to frequent; you are so down to earth and fun!

    • Awe thank you Monica! I am jealous you had their green drink! ๐Ÿ™‚
      A ninja blender would blend it more of a thicker consistency and wouldn’t get the juice out. You would need an actual juicer to make the drink.

  10. Oh, also…do you think it would work with my Ninja blender and then just strained it?

  11. Georgie Boynton says:

    I stumbled across your page while looking for breakfast ideas on stumble upon and i saw you talking about the yellow deli! There is one in my hometown (Vermont) And its absolutely delicious! I love love love the fruit salad and the PBBH sandwich! Very cute website! You are inspiring.

  12. Holly hartman says:

    Love your video, we are new to juicing and I am so excited continue juicing!

  13. Great video on making the Green Drink Arielle. I love the Yellow Deli too and I always get their Green Drink. Do you have a recipe similar to their Energizing Green Bar? I love that too.

    • I’ve tried to replicate it so many times Sandy! I do know all of the ingredients, and that they use dried greens…but I just can’t get the texture right! Thanks so much for your sweet comment!


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