Toast. Simply Delish.

Sometimes the simplest things in life are incredibly complicated.


Like shoes. Simple right? No…All wrong.

“Go put your shoes on. Which ones? Which ever you like. Ok, I take that back, you can’t wear those. Why? Because they are mine. Don’t throw them at me! Go get your shoes! I dunno, how about the pink ones? What do you mean you think they are UGLY? Here, put these on. Come here. Come here. Come here now. Please. GET OVER HERE! Don’t throw! Oh my gosh! Hey! Hold still for 5 seconds! See, now your sister thinks it’s funny and she’s taking her shoes off! Fine. Wear mine, I don’t care anymore.”


Some days shoes are complicated. Somedays socks are.

And somedays, breakfast, lunch, snacks, or maybe even dinner need to be down right SIMPLE.


Simple enough to where your brain doesn’t have to think too much because it’s still seeing stars from a pair of Steve Maddens to the face. Simple enough to where your kitchen isn’t turned upside down trying to make a healthy dinner, while your kids listen to “Let It Go” on replay 456 times and mess up the rest of the house. Simple enough that dinner is done in less than 5 minutes. AND SIMPLE ENOUGH to where mommy isn’t too full enough to scarf down a handful of chocolate in the laundry room to avoid sharing.


Just plain ol’simple.

No matter the combination on your toast, just make sure it is…You know.


Whether it’s peanut butter, strawberries & honey…Or melted coconut oil, honey, and cinnamon. Toast, spread, eat, and say “ahhhhh….”



At the end of it all, maybe we could all realize that life doesn’t have to be SO complicated. Maybe certain things CAN be simple.


Unless it’s shoes. Shoes are ALWAYS complicated.

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  1. Haha that dialogue was spot on. 🙂 Yes, sometimes we need simple. Simple is good.

  2. I am such a toast lover! Nothing beats that delicious crunch into a warm and buttery slice. Your topping ideas make me want to go have some toast right now!

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