Taste The Rainbow-Eat Your Veggies- Veggie Hummus Pizza

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day….We’ve already covered a Rainbow colored fruit dish, and today is all about veggies!

I think veggies are probably one of the hardest forms of food to convince people to eat, no matter how many servings of ranch you serve with them! (Just ask my husband.)

Ever since I made the switch years ago to eating healthier, I’ve made a commitment to myself to try and include some form of vegetable with almost every meal and snack. It’s hard, and being creative is key, but I truly love (raw) veggies and the sweetness that they do have! The only vegetable I’m turned off by is eggplant. It’s just not right.

The more you eat them, the more you will crave them. I promise.

It’s like chocolate. The more you eat it, the more you want it. And eventually you’ve bought a 5 pound bag of dark chocolate from Costco. The same goes for veggies. Seriously, I promise.

Recently I’ve been making ‘colorful’ veggie sides & dishes for my family because  honestly it’s more appealing than a scoop of broccoli. My girls have been more willing to try their veggies when I’ve combined a few different types/colors, then when I just use one. I do wish their were more pink & blue veggies out there though…

The idea of this pizza came from a meal I had at one of my favorite healthy restaurants in Las Vegas (I’ll share soon!).

It was a flat bread greek pizza, drizzled with this sauce and OMG I wanted to cry! I’ve been making varieties of flat bread pizzas at home ever since, and this one is a quick and easy one any one would love!

The base for the pizza is hummus, which obviously is my favorite condiment/food group. (Hummus is a food group, didn’t you know?) I love using hummus because it has a bean base (Bonus!), lots of flavor, and gives pizza that extra oomph needed when you aren’t adding cheese on top!

Then I topped it with my choice of sauteed vegetables that I cooked for a few minutes in coconut oil and salt & pepper.

While the pizza was cooking, I made a ‘Ranch’ dressing sauce to go on top. Since the pizza is cheese less, I knew this added bonus would give the pizza exactly what it needed to come together.

If you are ever craving ranch, you must try this:

Greek Yogurt + Organic Ranch Dressing Mix=Heaven.

It’s added protein with that ranch dressing flavor, and it goes perfectly with veggies!


I thinned it out with a little non dairy milk to make it liquid-y (is that a word?) to drizzle on top of the cooked pizza! Sprinkled some chopped parsley on top and well…

I promise, eating vegetables will be pretty exciting after this!

(I’ve been making a lot of promises lately…)

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Taste The Rainbow-Eat Your Veggies- Veggie Hummus Pizza
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
You can change up the veggies, sauce, spread, etc. with this flat bread pizza! It's all up to your taste buds and what you have on hand! Have fun and enjoy tasting the rainbow of veggies!
Serves: 1-2
  • 1 flat bread, tortilla, naan bread, etc.
  • coconut oil
  • salt & pepper
  • choice of chopped veggies. (for this recipe I used green & yellow pepper, red cherry tomatoes, carrots, purple onion, yellow tomatoes, and garlic.)
  • Choice of spread (I used Hummus-favorite brand is Sabre!)
  • Ranch Dressing Sauce-Mixture of a ¼ c. greek yogurt, organic ranch dressing mix, and a few TB. of non dairy milk)
  • Fresh parsley chopped.
  1. Chop veggies.
  2. Add coconut oil to medium/low heated pan. Add veggies and toss in oil. Sprinkle in salt & pepper.
  3. Cook for about 5-7 minutes on medium heat, until veggies and cooked down a little.
  4. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  5. Put your flatbread on a baking sheet. Spread hummus onto flat bread. Add cooked veggies and place pizza in the oven.
  6. Cook for 10-15 minutes, or until pizza edges are crisp.
  7. While the pizza is cooking, make the greek yogurt dressing by mixing the greek yogurt with a few tsp. of dressing mix. (Add more or less for desired taste/taste as you add.)
  8. Thin out with a 1-2 TB. of non dairy milk.
  9. Add greek yogurt to a plastic bad and cut a corner edge off.
  10. Drizzle greek yogurt sauce onto cooked pizza. Sprinkle with fresh parsley.
  11. Cut into pieces and enjoy!


Honestly my husband could not stop eating this! It made me mad because when I sat down to eat it I asked him if he wanted some and he said, “No WAY!” 1 minute later he’s begging for a bite. Then another. And another…Then he ate 3/4 of the pizza…

Happy St. Patricks Day! Don’t forget to taste the rainbow in a healthy way!!


I just love my little cutie!


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  1. Canterel says:

    Great recipe, Ari! I make this kind of pizza a lot too. Vegas has a wonderful NYC-inspired, fine-dining circuit these days, so I hope you’ve taken advantage. I can send a list of favorite places.

    Super cute photo of your little one!

  2. What a beautiful pizza! I’ve started making easy swaps to make my veggie packed meals more colorful, too (I love using orange bell peppers and purple cabbage instead of green). I’ve found even for us adults it makes it a little more fun to eat a plate full of veggies. And your daughter is an absolute doll! I can imagine your house is full on girly girl all the time. Too cute!

  3. Rachel McEwen says:

    Hi Ari, where do you buy your organic ranch mix? Love all of our recipes!!!!

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