Grilled Lemony Dill Veggie Sandwhich


Dear Brain-

Where are you?

How come you always seem to disappear, especially when I need you the most?

How come you can’t be there to remind me to turn off the hose on our sink…

Baby Boo’s face is a perfect target..

Oh, and I’m really sick of the Wet T-Shirt games.

(You don’t remind me about the hose, but you sure don’t have a problem reminding me wet t-shirt contest are NOT for me)

Oh, and brain, while I have your attention, can you please remind me why I am so clumsy?

Because each time I spill formula, I am slowly saying goodbye to Baby Boo’s college fund.

Bye Bye Harvard…

Hello Community College.

Oh, and one more question brain..

How come you never remind me to buy Dill?

Because Dill is delicious, and for some reason I always forget.

But not this time. I think I will clearly remember!


Grilled Lemony Dill Veggie Sandwhich


1 cup of assorted veggies in slices (I used eggplant, zucchini and tomato)

1 TB chopped fresh dill

zest of half a lemon

juice of half a lemon

1 TB Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper


1. Gather sliced veggies and put them in a medium bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients and toss until everything is coated. Let marinade for 10 minutes.

Then grill veggies, 3-5 minutes on both sides.

2. Prepare sand which.

Add some Hummus and Goat Cheese:

And then some avocado and spinach:

Then assemble your veggies.

Pile those babies high!

And then if you want, sprinkle with some parsley.

Then smoosh the sand which together, like they smoosh in Jersey Shore..

If you want a light and refreshing lunch that feels like summer..

Then grab your Lawn Chair, Pina Colada, and this Sammy…

OH Wait!

Hey Brain?

Can you remember to bring the sunscreen?

K thanks, your a doll!

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  1. Oh my. That may very well be the most beautiful sandwich I`ve ever seen. I think I might actually be drooling a little bit. My brain sympathizes with yours…I`m such a klutz!

  2. Holy smokes, that looks delicious. I’m buying dill TODAY!

  3. Love this post! My brain functions in the same way.

    Sandwich looks amazing. I always forget about dill as well, but it is on my list of herbs to plant this year!!

  4. Mmmmm that sandwich looks bomb! Thank you for reminding me about dill. I always forget how much I love it too. I think I’m going to have to add some to my garden. Fresh herbs are the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I need to leave my brain some little reminders too haha, funny post! And your sandwich makes me want to bust out the george foreman!

  6. That sandwich looks divine!

  7. You crack me up! My brain has been similarly situated lately. That sammie looks fantastic!

  8. Yum! You made a veggie sandwich look amazing! I’ve never used dill on a sammie nor hummus ๐Ÿ™ Love the zucchini, def one of my favorite veggies. All your meals leave me hungry! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. This looks amazing! I love how “fresh” lemon and dill is together, too :] Not to mention the fact that I seriously need to go shopping; I’m craving fresh veggies like whoa, and this sandwich looks like the perfect way to bring them back into my life ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. That is a killer sandwich!!! You knew a veggie sandwich could be so tempting. Yum!

  11. Oh nooo! I am super clumsy too! I dropped a bag of mucho expensive chia seeds yesterday. in the sink, on the counter, and then ultimately all over the floor! =/ whoops?

    That sandwich looks amazing! I always forget FRESH dill exists and I am not just limited to the dried kind! Maybe I shall grow some? =) you should too! <3

  12. This sandwich looks intense! How did you slice the veggies so perfect!?

  13. wowwieiieeee!! that sandwich looks amazing!! dill is so good~especially in tzatziki ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Jordan Gillins says:

    I am a newbie when it comes the vegan/veggie lifestyle .. I have recently started ot search for recipes and im so glad i clicked on a repin that lead me straight to your site…

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