Healthy On-the-Go Snacks: Kid & Baby Mama Friendly

Snack foods can be a mama’s life saver.

Either because that mama is 7 months pregnant and every 30 minutes it’s like she hasn’t eaten in 13 years…

OR because, that mama is out at the park, taking a jog, running errands, or driving to a farther destination with a hungry child.

Hungry child=No fun.

A lot of times mom’s always ask me what healthy food items I pack in my diaper bag when I am out for a day on the go. It’s easy to throw in a bag of chips, packaged granola bars, cheese crackers, or fruit rollups, but obviously those aren’t always the best options.

A lot of times when it comes to making choices for eating and children, parents love options that are fast, quick, and easy, and a lot of times we forget about those snacks being healthy and nutritious.

And no…I’m not talking about cheez-its made with whole grain.

Sorry hubby, that’s not considered a health food.

Luckily with a little (yes just a little) planning, you can have hearty, natural, and healthy snacks ready for on the go runs whenever you need them!

Let’s begin shall we!

1. No Bake Cookie Balls

I love love love raw cookie balls, or protein balls. It’s basically a blend of nuts/nut butters, dates, coconut, cocoa powder, seeds, sweetener, oats, etc. Basically the combinations are endless and I consider them to be almost like a dessert.

When I make them I usually grind most of the ingredients really fine, (like the nuts), so Baby Boo can enjoy them with her little baby teeth! It’s a treat any child will love! Imagine…Here baby, have a chocolate cookie ball!

Basic No Bake Cookie Balls


1/2 c. cashews

1/2 c. walnuts

1/2 c. scant raw cocoa powder

1/2 c. almond butter

1 c. unsweetened shredded coconut

1/2 c. oats

1/4 c. cocoa nibs

1/2 c. dried apricots (Organic)

1/4 tsp. vanilla

1/4 c. honey (scant)

1/4 c. maple syrup (scant)


1. Using a food processor, blend nuts until fine and crumbly. Add the rest of the ingredients until well combined and the mixture is fine and can be formed into balls. Roll into 1 inch balls and store in the fridge or freezer and grab one when hungry!

Other cookie ball recipes:

Fudge Balls

Peanut Butter Balls

Citrus Cookie Dough Balls (Optional on the citrus part)

S’mores Balls (Top recipe on the blog!)

Store Bough Options: Larabars

2. Mini Sandwiches

If I have time in the morning I’ll make a quick nut butter and jelly sandwich and cut it up for Boo to have as a snack later when we are out and about. Don’t limit yourself to PB&J though, try hummus and cheese or hummus mixed with thinly cut veggies like cucumbers or tomatoes.

3. Raw Veggies

Every mom in the world might be laughing at me right now thinking that a piece of broccoli would qualify as a ‘snack’ to their toddler.

I understand it’s different, but start your kids young on loving raw veggies (with fun dips), and pretty soon they won’t mind munching a carrot in the stroller. You can also try cucumber slices, baby tomatoes chopped, celery with nut butters and etc…If you are able to, you can also pack a side cup of dip like hummus!

4. Fruits

When it comes to fruits the options are never ending.

Banana, apples, plums, pineapple, watermelon, berries, oranges, etc. Pack them pre-chopped, (and the skin off if necessary), in a to-go bag or container with an ice pack to keep them cool and refreshing!

5. Pre-made Baked Goods (Healthy/Natural/Homemade)

Pictured above: Chocolate Protein Breakfast Cake Bars

Usually once a week I bake some sort of muffin/cookie/sweet bread etc. I usually put half in the freezer for a quick treat in the future, and save the rest for snack time and on-the-go. The baked goods I pack are usually whole grain and made with natural ingredients and sweeteners.

Other options for healthy on-the-go baked goods:

Date Muffins

Grain Free/Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (Single Serving)

Cranberry Orange Loaf

Sugar Free Whole Wheat Banana Spice Muffins

Chocolate Chip Bean Cookies

6. Store Bought Items:

As much as I love food and treats made at home, I’m also a realist and I know that sometimes I’m not By Golly Miss Molly whose been baking away in my kitchen all week. After all, I’ve got story books to read, tea parties to have, and forts to build!

My advice for purchased goods is this: shop natural, whole, and sometimes organic when it comes to buying snacks. Make sure you can read  and understand the ingredients and know what each one is.

Remember, organic Oreos are still…Oreos. 🙂

Pictured above: Peanut Butter Green Bars.

Despite that the picture above looks like marijuana granola bars, they are these insanely delicious PB bars that are sold at our local farmers market. (My husband even loves them!) Every time I go by I stock up and buy a bunch because they go fast! I show these because I think it’s great to take advantage of local markets and companies that sell natural and whole foods/snacks. They come in handy for those days where you don’t have time to cook/cut/and prepare, and you just want something ready to go.

Another snack we love are these applesauce packets. Baby Boo LOOOVES them! Sometimes you can buy them with veggies in them too, which is great! These can be a little pricey, so if I buy them I usually get them at Costco. Despite the price, I always buy them because they are such a yummy quick snack grab!

As for crackers and things, I aim for products that are whole wheat and minimally processed. Here are a few of our salty favorites:


Kale Chips


Pita Chips

Crackers (Simple ingredients)

Dried fruits are another favorite in our household. The freeze dried ones have a crispy/crunchy taste, which some kids love!

Other options include, but aren’t limited too:





Banana chips (Roasted)

Last but not least, drinks.

I usually always have a water bottle, but sometimes Baby Boo loves other options. Who am I kidding, if I pulled out a cup of chocolate milk she’d be in heaven!

Here are out favorite drink options:

Coconut Water

Flavored Coconut Water

So remember, whether your headed to Target to spend $100 or a fun day at the beach, there are always healthy options to have ready and on-the-go when you need them.

And when in doubt, chocolate is ALWAYS an acceptable snack :)!

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  1. That chocolate is my fave! I love no bake balls but yes I also try to bake healthy treats once a week or so – but I love how realistic your tips are for busy days! And no, I don’t have kids but I’m going to use these tips for me 🙂

  2. I need to try those no-bake cookie bars-maybe with a little protein powder added?!?! I’m only slightly concerned that I’d eat them all in one sitting…

  3. What do you think the ingredients are in the Peanut Butter Green Bars? The covering looks like the wrappers you use for spring rolls. Please post what you think. I love your site! You have great ideas and comments. You are so funny!

    • The covering is just plastic wrap, as for the ingredients it’s a big mystery! 🙂 I do know it has PB, carob chips, peanuts, kale, swiss chard, collard greens, mate tea, and flax seeds. But that’s all I know! Dang huh?!

  4. Angie T. says:

    You are awesome. I enjoy your posts so much! This one had a lot of sensible options & you know I’m gonna bookmark this as my quick reference page 🙂 And your ideas are so congruent with my healthy food philosophies. Pic of baby Boo is adorable!! Thanks again for sharing your ideas

  5. I want some marijuana granola bars, haha

  6. I am writing down the ingredients to your cookie balls as we I am reading this. I use to be really conscious of the snacks that we had around the house, lately I have been in a slump. I have started really relying on store bought snacks. This is just what I needed to get me back on track!!

  7. Ashleigh Rivers says:

    Hey! I tried the no bake cookie balls, and was wondering if you have any tips to make the stuff stick to my hands less! Thanks!

    • You can roll them in cocoa powder or shredded coconut. They are pretty sticky, but once they sit in the fridge they are fine! Hope that helps!

  8. I was wondering about the green bars too!! I got on Google and tried to find SOMETHING but it’s been a blank!! I would love to know because I’m really needing to add in more greens but I’ve also cut out sugar … and I’ve been making Lara bars but these look so DIFFERENT!! I’m on a mission now.
    Do you think they are baked? Or more like a your cookie balls made with blended veggies?
    Maybe your farmers market people can do a guest post … if you promise to be a life-time customer?!!?

  9. This list is awesome!!! I love those squeezy apple sauce packets and so do my kids. Are there really organic Oreos?!? That can’t be possible. LOL

    Love your site and receiving it in my Inbox!

  10. Great and practical ideas! I have a 21 month old and have realized that lately he’s gotten picky about his snacking (and mealtimes for that matter). Yes, some of it could be attributed to the age, but I really think it has more to do with the snacks I’ve been giving him. I’ve become “laxed” and have resorted to fruit snacks and other processed and sweet food that now he balks at my healthy muffins (when I sometimes still make them) and is even getting to be a cracker snob! I need to cut him back – way back and this post has helped me see how possible, inexpensive, and tasty it will be for him.


  11. Hi, substitute for almond butter and cocoa nibs please? Would love to try the Basic No Bake Cookie Balls


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