Baby’s First Food: Avocados

We’re about to talk some dirty details my friends…

A while back when Sweet Pea was only 2 weeks old she got a really bad cold. This led to lack of eating, and eventually she completely gave up on breastfeeding.

Lack of breastfeeding led to me sitting on a rocking chair pumping the life out of my ‘lack there of’, while taking care of a newborn and a two year old. Obviously it didn’t last long…

So then came formula.

Formula did harsh and mean things to my sweet little angel. It made her cranky, and kept her from sleeping. Her belly didn’t always feel good, and the poor thing would go a long long time with out..well…makin’ a dirty diaper.

Fast forward to her almost being 6 months old and her body has finally adapted to formula, and now she is regular.

Sorry for the dirty language my friends, but this is all the harsh truth.

Now that she’s ready to eat, the first thing everybody tries is rice cereal. With Boo I did it, and didn’t think much of it, but with Sweet Pea I’m thinking twice.

About a week ago I gave a little to her, and it sent her right back to how things used to be. Cranky baby, upset belly, no dirty diaper. That was only after ONE feeding.

I’ve decided she’s really too young for the rice cereal, and it’s obviously too hard on her stomach. I’ve heard this coming from other mommy friends of mine, such as Laury from the Fitness Dish!

So one of the first foods we’ve started trying is Avocado.

Avocados have been so gentle on my little Sweet Pea. It’s also full of healthy fats needed for her brain to grow!

Not to mention she obviously loves it. 🙂

My goal is to add on other foods slowly, like the other day we tried mashed bananas. But for now we aren’t going to do rice cereal.

When I feel she is ready, we will introduce it slowly so her body can become adapted.

And at the rate Sweet Pea is going, I can tell she’s going to LOVE eating food almost as much as her sister…

FYI: My kids are like the best eaters and sleepers that there ever were….



Have a great weekend everyone!!


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  1. Haha! I love those pictures!
    She will learn to love it! Maybe it’s the texture because she’s used to liquid food?
    Good luck! I’m sure she will become an avocado lover!
    I’m 21 weeks pregnant right now and can’t wait to see those faces from my own girl!

  2. Awww so cute. I have a little one the exact same age, and we are also not doing the whole cereal thing..just didn’t feel right. Avocados, sweet potatoes, and mashed banana are the menu for a few weeks 🙂 Good luck! Love this blog.

  3. Awww pictures are just amazing 🙂 sweet pea is adorable! even with those faces!! My lil guy didn’t care for rice cereal either, we ended up just jumping into pureed fruits and veggies!! Maybe sweet pea just wants to eat what her mama is eating 🙂 mmmm

  4. Shannon Steffler says:

    Hey! That is too fun. My 5th daughter’s first food was avacado. I haven’t fed the lat 3 out of 5 rice cereal for the same reason. It stopped my older girls up when they were babes, and I’ve learned since that’s it’s a processed food so to me it’s better to stick with fruits veggies, and if I’m ambitious some brown rice or something. She’s 7 months now and likes to eat herself instead of baby food which is trickier, but we’re making it work as best we can. Keep up the good work mama!

  5. both of your girls are adorable, but this baby, goodness, I could just look at endless pics of her face and never tire! she has the prettiest eyes, so precious! my baby girl is all grown up now-sniff sniff, so thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Avocadoes are the best! I don’t know why, but I never thought to give them to my first. I craved them with my second, so maybe that’s why he eats them so much. Have you ever tried those mesh self-feeders? They are lifesavers, IMO. Bubba didn’t want to be spoon fed, he wanted to feed himself (yeah, at 6 months, good luck kid). So I got him some mesh feeders and I just fill them with pieces of avocado, banana, pear, or mashed sweet potatoes and he just goes to town. Your Sweet Pea is adorable – love your baby food posts, they give me great ideas!

  7. So cute! I was in the same boat with Ellie (she is only about 1 1/2 months older) anything with grain (like her oatmeal) gave her horrible diaper rash, so I switched to easy to digest foods. She eats avocado like no one’s business. I have also been giving her organic coconut oil, and she basically gnaws it off my finger. Ellie hasn’t gotten sick yet (knock on wood), and I really think it is the coconut oil, the avocado fat, the dose of cod liver oil she gets, and the baby probiotics I stick in her bottle about 3x a week. Also, hardboiled egg yolk has been great for her too. It is crazy that babies go from a high-fat liquid diet to a low fat solid diet (i.e. the rice cereal and fruits and veggies) – they need their healthy fats – and even with all the fat Ellie eats, she is on the lower side of the weight percentage – that is so crazy to me – anyways sorry to ramble! Your picts are always so cute!

  8. My daughter had issues with dairy from e very beginning (even breastfeeding-I had to go dairy free). Because of this we started seeing a nutritionist who helped us through the first foods and the dairy allergy. We started with avocado, sweet potato and squash. I even found that bananas were too harsh on her for a long time. She didn’t really start eating rice or bananas until about 10 months of age. Even apples took a while with her. I can say that all of that juggling with her system really helped, and now she can eat it ALL! She is very regular at 15 months. I think most parents don’t realize that rice cereal isn’t actually very nutritional at all and for a sensitive stomach it’s not a great option. Glad to hear you went with your instincts!

  9. That is such a cute post and it made me quite excited for the journey of becoming children myself… one day far, far ahead 😉

  10. Jaime Gonzalez says:

    I tried this method with my second daughter as well. I breastfed exclusively for 6 months and when it was time for solids, I started avocado and banana because my daughter has both MILK AND SOY allergies and a sensitive tummy. She had some difficulty fully digesting the avocado and my pediatrician told me to lay off. Now at almost 8 months, she eats only fruit and veggies puree and can handle small doses of avocado or what my two year old calls, “CADOS”.

    your babies are beautiful and I LOVE your blogs and recipes

  11. I think the pictures are adorable! you have such pretty babies.
    Ya know, Ollie is only a few months older than Sweet Pea, clearly they should date….

    Just Kidding, Ollie is never going to date….

  12. My son hasn’t had any trouble with foods except for the regular formula (we have to feed him the sensitive kinds), but I gave him avocado before anything else, and he loved it! He’s 10-mo-old now, and kale is his favorite food. I think most kids like sweeter fruits and things, though. Did your daughter like the banana better?

  13. Switch her to gentle formula. Also bananas are binding as is rice cereal. Stick to veggies and fruits and especially ones starting with P- prunes, peas, pears, peaches.

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