Pumpkin Butter

Have you ever heard of pumpkin butter?
Neither have I…
Well until recently.
Apparently if your a big pumpkin fan, well then you probably will go into a pumpkin coma.
You see, pumpkin butter, or BuTtA’, is a creamy blend of seasonal flavors. You spread it on toast, put in on pancakes, add it to your oatmeal, top it onto ice cream, smear it all over your face…

So you start with very simple ingredients… Easy Easy
(you will notice I used bottled lemon juice…I didn’t have any lemons. Don’t judge)
Then you throw all your ingredients into a saucepan, minus the lemon juice…
 Stir and bring to boil. Then reduce to a simmer for 30 minutes.
When it’s done, patiently wait for it to cool..
she’s so excited!
Then when it’s ready it becomes a creamy goodness of pumpkin. (This is where you add the lemon juice)
You can either dip your hands in a lick away, or put in a jar and give it to someone…
But why do that, it’s not like its a time for giving! =]
For the original recipe you can find it HERE.
Now go make some Butta’!

Baby’s First Halloween 2010

Name that movie? =]
Well another halloweeny came and gone, but this year it was EXTRA special! We had a very special babe-ster to share the holiday with.
This year we got serious with our pumpkin carving…
Serious enough with special carving glasses.
I know, seriously so cool.
Spooky talent? I think so =]
And then it came time to play dress up! The babe-ster went as a kitty (MeOw)
And the hubby and I went as parents…
We’ve got spirit!
Such a sexy family!
That’s her kitty face.
And this is her “mommy hold me all day” face.
Hope everyone had a safe and Spooktacular Halloweeny!

Alice and Wonderland Cupcakes


My First Baby is here!

So the time finally arrived…
It had been a long 9 months, and I am happy to say that my little baby girl is currently snuggled in my arms.
Hopefully this is a GOOD enough excuse as to why I have been M.I.A. on the blogger lately.
Forgive me? =]
Ok so I’m sure you want to hear the story right?…
if not, well then “THE HECK WITH YOU!”…jk
Ok so here I am a few days before my precious angel arrived. I look happy…but deep inside, I WANTED the baby OUT! =]

Ok so funny story. A couple days before I went into labor, I was walking around the mall with my husband, when we went into Barney’s New York and there was a worker who kept staring at us. He had an extremely thick accent, and he looked at me and said, “your having a girl.” And I said, “why yes I am!” And then he said, “I predict you will have her on thursday.” All i could think of was…creeeepy..
Ok so fast forward to Wednesday and I went to the beach and walked for a hour plus (I was really determined.) Then I came home and walked on the treadmill. (did i mention i really wanted to have that baby) My due date was friday so I was hoping it would happen soon. Ok so wednesday after I had walked like a million miles, I noticed I was bleeding. It was minor so i figured it was nothing. But I must admit, I had never been so excited to be bleeding…(sorry gross)…but I knew that meant labor was near.
Ok so on Thursday my grandpa came down with my cousin to keep me company. I had been quite bored waiting around for my baby girl, and I had scrubbed the kitchen floor so much it was close to wearing off! I didn’t feel so great that day, in fact I felt weird. For one I had to go to the bathroom every 5-10 minutes because there was just so much pressure. Then I started to get really crampy, and it was super uncomfortable. I started thinking, hmmm it can’t be…But then they got stronger, and they got closer and closer together. So I started timing these pains, and they were exactly 4 minutes apart. All the sudden I wanted it to stop. I decided right then that I wasn’t ready to give birth. Obviously too late. SO I called the hubby and he RUSHED home (he was super excited), he threw me in the car, no joke, and we were off. I told him, “you know dear, I am not going to give birth in the car. We have time.” What I was really thinking is, “if you don’t slow down over these darn speed bumps and turns I am going to scream!”
As soon as we got to the hospital I was dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced. They made me walk for a half hour while they got my room ready, which by the way was my FAVORITE part of labor….NOT! As soon as that torture was over we got in our room and the nurse asked if I needed anything, and guess what I said? EPIDURAL! I am kinda a baby when it comes to pain.
Here I am, lovely as ever. Waiting for the epidural….patiently…

After the epidural, I felt great! Unfortunately I couldn’t even move my feet, but HECK, I didn’t care! I didn’t want to feel a thing! But just my luck, I was soo numb, that they had to turn off the epidural JUST so i could push. I was very upset…very mad..and I let the nurses, doctors, hubby, family, and patients on the same floor know it!
After 19 hours of labor, and 1 1/2 hours of pushing…

The greatest blessing in my life.
I am still iffy on whether I want to go private on the blogger or not. I have TONS of cute photos, and stories, but I don’t like posting stuff about my child when anyone can look at my profile. But I also LOVE to share stories about my baking adventures. I don’t really know what to do. But if you read my blog, and want to continue to follow it, leave me your email in a comment JUST in case I decide to go private.
I’ll be back shortly, I have a baking adventure this weekend. CUPCAKES!! WOO HOO!
p.s. Did i forget to mention the creepy guy from Barney’s was right?